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    Jan 6, 2021
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    Hello PriusChat!

    I have been stalking these forums for a little more than 4 years, but I finally made an account. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for the posts and the knowledge, because it has definitely helped me out numerous times. So basically, last month I lost my beloved Prius, a 2010 Prius III. I was involved in an accident (not my fault) that ended up totaling my car. I loved that thing, as my family has had it since new, and I was planning on buying it from them after college to continue the legacy.

    Dealing with insurance and everything, we got everything figured out, and after 140k miles without a single issue, I was extremely upset about losing my car. This is where I have a few questions... I love the Gen 3 (although many seem to dislike it) and that is the only generation I would consider getting at the moment. I found a few cars, but I was wondering what the forum thinks of these cars. I am looking at only 2015's (2014 if I HAVE to) and it must have a sunroof, as my last car did not have it, but I use the sunroof on the other car I have access to pretty much every single time I get in it. There is a 2015 with 12k miles that is listed for 17,995 before negotiation. Is that too little miles for the Prius to be concerned about anything, or will it be fine since the car is still relatively new?

    I was also wondering what the best websites and places to look for a used Prius? I have been searching everywhere for a good car (up to 300-400 miles away) and it seems extremely hard to find one under 80k and a 2015 with a sunroof... Thank you all again and happy to finally join PriusChat!