Sign Up Today To Be One of the First to Reserve a LEAF Tomorrow

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    Reservations open up tomorrow for the Nissan LEAF EV, but you need to act today if you want to be toward the front of the line. Nissan is giving first priority for reservations to people who visit Nissan's LEAF website and register as expressing interest in the upcoming EV. Reservations will open to the public on May 15th. Potential LEAF owners will be required to put down a $99 refundable deposit to save your space in line. Nissan will start taking firm orders in August. As PriusChat reported last month, Nissan is pricing the LEAF at $32,780 MSRP, plus an $800 destination fee. Then the tax incentives kick in: $7,500 in a federal tax credit and up to $5,000 back from your state depending on where you live. A lease is also available for $349/month. Look for the LEAF in select markets (read: California, Northern Virginia, other "green" friendly areas) by the end of 2010 and nationwide availability in 2011.
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