Slate: Bad drivers are far more dangerous than bum Toyotas.

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    Do Recalls Really Make Us Safer?

    Bad drivers are far more dangerous than bum Toyotas.

    Have you heard about the operational crisis in the modern car? Recent news accounts are awash with evidence: cars that suddenly accelerate out of control, that careen through signalized intersections, weave across lanes with fatal consequences, spin wildly into people's houses, and cannot stop in time to avoid killing (nonjaywalking) pedestrians.

    What went wrong with the car in each of these cases? The driver. The recent coverage of the Toyota recall—which has occasioned any number of Do you feel safe driving your Toyota? polls—hints that the single greatest source of danger on the road has become the car itself. . .

    Bad drivers are more dangerous than recalled Toyotas. - By Tom Vanderbilt - Slate Magazine
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