Smart street intersections can be stymied

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    Academics from the University of Michigan have shown that one single malicious car could trick US-based smart traffic control systems into believing an intersection is full and force the traffic control algorithm to alter its normal behavior, and indirectly cause traffic slowdowns and even block street intersections.

    The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has started implementing a V2I system called Intelligent Traffic Signal System (I-SIG), already found on the streets of New York, Tampa FL, Cheyenne WY, Temple AZ, and Palo Alto CA.

    The research team says I-SIG doesn't come with protection from spoofing attacks, allowing one vehicle to send repeated messages to a traffic intersection, posing as the latest vehicle that arrived at the intersection.

    More details are available in the research paper entitled "Exposing Congestion Attack on Emerging Connected Vehicle based Traffic Signal Control," presented at the end of February at the NDSS Symposium in San Diego, California.

    One Single Malicious Vehicle Can Block "Smart" Street Intersections in the US

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