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    Dec 5, 2019
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    2009 Prius
    Looking at buying a Snap on Solus scanner,or should i buy he Torque app. I have 2009 Prius
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    The Solus will not pull Toyota Hybrid codes I believe based on how many new posters list codes from a Solus that are not legit. The Solus is excellent but does not have Toyota Techstream software afaik.

    So whatever you buy it must have Toyota Techstream.
    Techstream is the exact same software the dealer uses. Full hybrid battery and mg telemetry.

    It will pull all the hybrid codes which you will need when the hybrid battery goes shiny side up. There's a few out there I own 2 the mini vci and the VXDIAG. Both work on a XP or 7 laptop and have full techstream.
    The VX is cool the whole little box plugs into the obd port and has an USB out for your laptop. So no extra obd dongle.

    The mini vci is sometimes a hassle to set up if your not computer savvy but its cheaper. The VXDIAG is pretty plug and play.

    VXdiag is available on Amazon for $89 last I looked and the mini is there too not sure how much $$$ have not looked it a while but was $30 last time I looked plus the obd connector.

    Its all Chinese knock off software so don't put it on anything you bank on etc.

    I have both. I prefer the VX.DIAG.

    Pays for itself instantly as the dealer will rape you an hour min @ $140 just to pull codes hereabouts.

    PS: This is not really an accessories question. From here on out Please post in the technical discussion forum you will get much more eyeballs on your posts. Thanks.

    Good luck.
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