For Sale snow chains for touring prius

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    Feb 14, 2007
    san jose, ca
    2007 Prius
    i have two sets of Security Chain Company Super SZ 129 snow cables / snow chains
    they are low profile and are perfect for the touring gen 2

    i have been trying to sell them on ebay. the touring tire size of 195 55 16 is so odd ball that it is
    hard to sell them on ebay. i even started the bid at $1 and i had no bidders!

    right now i am asking for $50 plus $17 for shipping.
    they are packed in large flat rate priority boxes. that is why the shipping costs a lot.
    they were not used very much. they sell on amazon for $70

    if you are in the snow and need chains please buy them off me!

    Security Chain Company Super Z6 SZ129 Cable Chain for Passenger Cars Pickups | eBay
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