Solar eclipse: Why the sun is not responsible for recent climate change

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    An advocacy article, it is a nice collection of what we've discussed over the years. I experienced my first total eclipse Monday and didn't notice the air cool as much as the ~30 minute loss of solar heating.

    Source: Solar eclipse: Why the sun is not responsible for recent climate change | Carbon Brief

    We've seen Russian/Ukranian claims that the sun is entering a cooling period. One should always be careful when looking at a graph that does not have the same zero line. Yet during the eclipse, cumulus clouds fell apart along the line of totality. Either side, the cumulus clouds did not appear to make significant changes. However, the projected changes in solar radiance are not in the 50% or greater range of an eclipse.

    So it the sun radiation cooling? Some evidence exists. However, the earlier chart did not show a correlation with the minimum periods between solar maximums:
    The claim that our Sun is cooling and has a correspondence with sun-spot activity appears to have some validity.

    My understanding is the CO{2} based models predict the stratosphere is cool:
    So between the surface and stratosphere is the troposphere. To me, it seems likely that any object between a hot-plate and cold-plate will have a temperature between the two ... like the troposphere.

    Cosmic rays anyone?
    I suspect for them to have a significant temperature impact it would sterilize organic critters.

    The article has more accurate descriptions apart from my musings.

    Bob Wilson
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