Stealth 360 degree video viewing from inside Prius

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    Stealth video from inside the Prius probably interests only a few, but I think the technique might have wider application, so I post here.

    When I stealth camp, all windows are completely blocked with black Twinwall ( ). I put a one inch black felt flap on the inside so there is not even a crack of light. I've tested deep in the forest at midnight with all lights on inside the Prius and not a ray escapes.

    But that means I can't see out in case I hear a noise, voices, or the dreaded knock. I wanted to be able to see out, but remaining stealth as much as possible -- no wiring or huge cameras to draw attention when someone walks by.

    I mounted two cameras on each side essentially at a 45 degree angle under the mirror. These cameras have a 120 degree field of view, so the entire car is covered with the four cameras.

    I drilled a small hole in the bottom side of the mirror housing and ran the wires up into where the mirror motor. I then followed the mirror wiring down into the door. From there I routed through the rubber boot that connects the door to the car. Unlike some manufacturers who use solid connectors his passage, Toyota still has a a tunnel. That dropped me out behind the driver's kick panel.

    I have a seven-inch monitor which displays all four cameras at once; the monitor has four buttons to jump to any camera and have it full screen.
    camera.jpg passage2.jpg
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    I am looking into the 360 option as well, currently, I have a dual-camera 4k dashcam mirror that I use when stealth camping with my blackout sun shades
    The 360 birdseye view is what I am after, there are two mirror units that have sparked my interest. Thought about just buying a 360 camera unit and connecting it t a new android head unit I also will get.
    The biggest issue with all of these cameras is they have poor low right visibility. Now I have a sonoff 4 channel switch with tasmota on it that's connected to all of my roof rack led lights. The motion sensors are monitored by a mini pc running home assistant which will turn on LED's either in front or rear(depending on where motion is) so I can easily look up at the mirror to see what's outside