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    I took a trip to Ft Campbell this weekend (80 miles away) to do some shopping and on the way back, I couldn't help but be amazed. The trip included me (225 lbs), my nephew (185 lbs) and my wife (100 lbs). We were completely loaded with groceries and xmas gifts (est 300+ lbs). I looked at the car b4 we left and it was sitting really low in the back (to the point where I was kinda worried. No one was in the car yet).

    Nevertheless, we got gas (I reset the MFD) and headed back home. The first part of the drive is about 10% city and 90% 2 lane highway (55mph limit cc set to 62mph). I hit the hwy and after about 10 min., I noticed 52.4 mpg's on the MFD. I couldn't believe it. The last 25 miles of the trip is a 4 lane hwy (65mph limit cc set to 68mph) with mostly slow rolling hills.

    When I pulled into my driveway, I was at 51.1 mpg's on the MFD. Even with the error, that is nearly 50mpg's. I am still amazed by this car. I don't know what the wind conditions were but I'm guessing they helped.

    Putting it in perspective,
    1)an 80 mile trip
    2) traveling in 2 different directions
    3) with 800+lbs of cargo
    4) traveling at 60mph
    5) in comfort
    6) a 7 year old car with 108,000 miles on her
    7) averaging 50 mpg's

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