Strange things... (electronic) 2007 Prius

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    We just purchased a new to us Toyota certified 2007 Prius (number 5 options) and the extended warranty (car has 50,000 miles).

    After six days the following things have happended:

    When the park button is pressed the car does not go into park. Absolutely nothing happens. It has happened once to me and three times to my wife (she is a salesperson for the local Toyota dealer). The techs are scratching their heads and have already placed a call to the Toyota area rep. as they have never seen this particular issue before now.

    Today, with a Toyota tech in the car, the car refused to start when pressing the start button. He said "this happens once in awhile".

    When exiting the Toyota garage I turned on the HID lights and they flickered when the came on and were then strong as normal. He said "this happens once in awhile".

    After leaving the dealership, the bluetooth stopped working for my phone (sort of). It was connected but I could not call out and I could not hear when someone called in. Just silence. I rebooted the phone but the problem persisted.

    I am not a huge believer in coincidence in regards to electronics after working 25 years in IT and I am also not a great believer in vehcile electronics being intermittant based on many years of drag racing with computer controlled race cars.

    Has anyone here experienced similiar issues? I'm not wound up over this as my wife works for the dealership and the "big boss" (the owner) has been a friend of mine since high school. However I would like to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I carry the following verse in my wallet and sometimes I show it to people when they have a particulary vexing problem. Take a look, but remember, its probably a weak 12 volt battery. :) Please let me know what you think. And no, I did not write this. You can't make this stuff up. :)

    A Logical Explanation
    'All machines or electronic components are made up of atoms and molecules that must bind together in a certain abolute pattern. A kind of INTERNAL INTELLIGENCE and energy is necessary to maintain this pattern. In addition, all parts must work together perfectly 100% of the time in order for the equipment to operate properly.

    Because ALL things are made up of atoms & molecules the internal intelligence of equipment will definitely respond to highly negative or positive emotional fields generated by people. Thus, equipment will respond well to those operators who approach it with care. A frustrated or negative person will pass those personal feelings onto the equipment and 'strange' failures will inevitably result. This is why equipment works for some people and doesn't work for others. Thus, if you're convinced the equipment will break down, it will. Be prepared for any event but approach the equipment with a positive mental attitude."

    Anyway, like I said, its probably a weak 12 volt battery.