Summary of proposed improvements for future versions of Prius

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    2010 Prius
    Summary of proposed improvements for future year/versions of Prius

    The small "(d)"s represent the number of members who disaggree with the proposed improvement.


    Options availability

    • All LED lights as standard equipment, or available as a separate option
    • Backup camera as standard equipment
    • Bluetooth as stardard equipment
    • Advanced technology package together with the solar cooling option
    • Daytime running lights (DRLs) available in all countries
    • Colour-keyed spoiler
    • Have more options available on an individual basis rather than in packages
    • Adjustable lumbar support in all models
    • LKA for Australia
    • Fog light option on all models
    • A plug-in upgrade kit when the plug-in version is available
    • Make NAV a separate option (251)
    • ATP as option in all models (251)
    • Convertible option (280)
    • Power folding mirrors (338)
    • Power seat and steering column with memory for 2 drivers (358)
    • Oil service display in all countries

    Gauges / display

    • User-customisable screen (The HS has a vehicle settings menu and it lists ALL the customisable features that us Prius owners need to go to the dealer to get changed [door locks, lights etc]), or fully user-programmable screen with API to access vehicle information.
    • More gauges (Ideally, all OBD-II reports)
    • HUD option
    • Should be possible to diplay graphs or energy flow when using LKA or RCC
    • Larger display with more info, less toggles
    • Tire monitoring system that can be programmed for two sets of tires, winter and summer
    • Use a GPS receiver for measuring vehicle speed to automatically calibrate odometer and fuel economy estimates
    • Add a "ICE ON" indicator (a light that tells when the ICE is running)
    • Move the location of the instruments to be directly in front of the driver
    • Implement instruments with a color lcd display.
    • Have the HSI always visible, for instance at the bottom of display, along a thin line.
    • Temperature, pressure, voltage gauge.
    • Individual tire pressure gauge
    • Better lightness / contrast on display
    • Visible turn signal in HUD
    • Outside temperature in HUD
    • Near the fuel gauge, display digital readout of actual fuel in tank
    • Have fuel distance estimate to be based on average FE on last tank
    • Make ECO mode indicator less distracting at night, e.g. displayed near the HSI
    • Blind spot collision avoidance system
    • More detailed fuel economy data/graphs on nav screen
    • LCD display for the temperature and radio should be brighter and crisper.
    • Additional trip mileage counter (ie A-run to run, B - tank MPG and, C - a trip meter)
    • A gauge that provides the value of instant "electricity economy" - in kwh/km or some equivalent unit, when in EV or stealth mode. (183)
    • Brake signal not displayed, as it draws attention out of the road. Instead display something onto windshield, to draw attention where it is supposed to. (296)
    • Engine RPM display (334)
    • More colorful display (338)
    • Passenger air bag light should turn off after a while (345)
    • Iphone/Android interface to display graphical information (357)
    • Larger clock located on the console, not on the dashboard (d)
    Cruise Control

    • Ability to program it gliding based on cruise control and radar
    • Low speed DRCC
    • Ability to set % power vs. speed for cruise control (similar to speed limiter, but allows variable speed with constant fuel flow)
    • Cruise Control that gives audible cues when certain steps are reached, e.g. 5 km/h or mpg
    • Display set speed, and recorded speed when CC is disengaged.
    • Hypermiling cruise control (308)
    • Fixed position cruise control lever (321) (d)
    • Speed limiter for city driving (d)
    • Cruise control controlled by MPG or speed (d)
    Fuel economy

    • Have a way (driver or GPS-based) to tell the car what's the road ahead like, so it can optimize battery use
    • More MPG display options (Global MPG for vehicle, instant MPG, current tank MPG)
    • Option to give priority to MPG over climate control
    • Display extra fuel economy data and history in nav display
    • Larger MPG display
    • More digits for MPG display
    • A button on the steering wheel that, when depressed, lets the driver make sure the level indicated on the HSI never crosses the middle bar, even if he floors the accelerator (227).
    • Make the battery level indicator react more linearly with battery range. (242)
    • In the energy monitor, have the thickness of the arrow between the battery and motor vary according to the number of watts flowing to/from the battery. (242)
    • In the energy monitor, have the thickness of the arrows between: 1- the ICE and the wheels, and 2- the electric motor and the wheels to vary in thickness, to show the proportion of traction power that comes from both, at any time. (252)
    • In the energy monitor, add an extra arrow that goes from the battery to accessories, that would show the amount of power (in watts) being used by the various accessories (AC, headlights, wipers, fan, etc.) (253)
    • Solar panel recharge (265)
    • Button to force increased use of assist, in anticipation of long downhill zone (to maximize recharge) (290)
    • A LED display in rear hatch window that displays the iMPG and current tank MPG for all of other drivers to see. (d)

    • Curb sensor
    • Oil life monitoring to determine OCI (ala GM, Honda and others)
    • Washing fluid almost empty warning light
    • ICE temperature light
    • Check engine light when the last of the gasoline is gone or blinking fuel light
    • Front view camera
    • Sensors to help prevent rear-end collisions (301)
    • Add tachometer, temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge (d)

    • Aux connector and 12V jack in the top glovebox rather than in the armrest
    • 12V jack that stays hot when the ignition is off, to allow charging of cell phones while parked (d)

    • Smarter NAV system (Enable voice recognition for specifying points of interest to NAV, XM Traffic info, better UI, etc.)
    • Move the Nav Screen up a few inches (again, closer to the position of MFD in the Gen II) so one doesn't have to look down.
    • Allow passenger to operate nav while the car is moving
    • Downloadable skins/voices for NAV
    • Speed and heading display on NAV (350)
    Phone interface

    • iPhone interface
    • Longer contact list
    • Allow OPTION of contact sharing across multiple sync'd phones vs forcing a separate contact list per phone
    • 2 mics for the handsfree plus easily accessible mic volume
    • Have a bluetooth system that detects phones automatically, without setup (163)
    • Option to use all speakers during phone conversation (163)

    • iPod dock
    • Touch Pressure adjustments for Nav screen like volume adjustments, on steering wheel
    • Remote controlled sunroof
    • Put all the transmission settings (including park) in a single lever OR row of buttons--not a mix of both
    • Put the driving mode buttons near the transmission settings
    • Have the odometer permanently ON
    • User interface customization for left handed people
    • Make the nav screen angle adjustable so that you can see the information in various lighting conditions.
    • Web-enabled car (hot spot for portable devices, dowload of software updates, upload service records, etc.
    • Internet radio
    • Power mode override on steering wheel
    • Turn off passenger air bag light after a while
    • Make system remember Power Mode button status
    • Map button on steering wheel
    • Improved sound system
    • Pre-wired roof for those who want to change their mirror for a homelink one
    • All controls be lit at night (e.g. garage door opener) (256)
    • Add in car computer with internet access via 4G/3G, that displays car/engine info, access radio, GPS, traffic, and can be upgraded with new software, etc. (257)
    • Car computer responds to voice commands only when car is in motion (259)
    • More intelligence when entering a UK postcode into the SatNav (260)
    • Better search options and voice control for USB port. Allow search by track, artist, genre and playlist.(302)
    • System that prevents car from running if keys are not in the car (312)
    • Room for second cup holder (345)
    • Get PWR mode to be remembered after car shutdown (360)
    • Fan speed instead of temperature on the steering wheel (d)
    • USB port or aux jack in the instrument cluster (d)

    Heating / cooling

    • Cold weather package with heated cloth seats, heated steering wheel, heated window shield fluid, and block heater
    • Presets on climate control
    • Quieter fan (234)
    • On the climate control, separate the heat and AC setpoints such that when AC is turned off, the ventilation can go to LO (actually NO heat) rather than heating to the AC setpoint temperature.
    • Heat pump
    • SMS-enabled remote AC or sunroof
    • Programmable temperature spread for climate control: setting comfort range rather than a fixed temperature for economy. Inside the range, blower motor only at low to medium speed (to improve FE).
    • Built-in place/tray for phone next to instrument cluster (not hidden in console or glovebox)
    • Hatch-attached rigid tonneau lifter - like SAAB
    • Better positioning of seat heater button
    • Rearrange the climate control system buttons
    • Rear seat air vents
    • Dual left/right heating/AC controls
    • Dual upper/foot vent controls
    • Remote aircon keeps running until car started, not cutting out when door is unlocked
    • Display set point and current temperature
    • Driver seat that can be lowered more (188)
    • Passenger seat that can be lowered
    • Better de-icing capability on corners of windshield (211)
    • Fully automatic AUTO mode (activating A/C when required) (212)
    • Make AUTO model easier / more intuitive to use
    • Have the HVAC Syetem readable when the sun is shining on it with the sunshade open (246)
    • Rear A/C vent (266)

    Other interior features

    • Eliminate sqeaks and rattles
    • Better noise insulation (e.g. doors)
    • Better quality plastics inside
    • More light under shifter area storage
    • Back seat head rests that can be raised without falling forward to accomodate tall people
    • Front seat with one more click upward and upright (235)
    • Larger accelerator pedal (235)
    • Better seat clothing
    • Front seat head rests that can be moved forward / backward
    • Power tilt/telescopic sterring
    • Power seats with memory, with lumbar support
    • Continuous backrest rake adjustment
    • Driver's side drop-down box (to be able to put change somewhere)
    • A slightly wider, longer and more supportive seat, with no hump in the middle.
    • Additional ambient lighting
    • Locks on the glove boxes and the under floor storage cover
    • Window shades
    • Dual sunvisor with extender
    • Heat seater button in climate control cluster
    • Built in 110 volt AC power
    • More storage space in doors, and in the cabin in general
    • Increase rear storage space
    • Slightly higher and cushier door arm rests
    • Pading or soft material on dash top
    • Mount the auto-dimming/Homelink type rearview mirror a little higher up the windshield glass
    • Double jointed stalk for rearview mirror and mounted higher
    • Lower the window line by an inch so that children in the back can see out
    • Increase padding on door armrest
    • Bottom ledge of the body by the door should be narrower, or incorporated into the door like some Lexus models
    • Hatch release handle next to gas release handle
    • Mirror controls located on the door
    • Light on mirror controls
    • Make driver door armest level with center console armrest
    • Lever emergency brake instead of pedal
    • Improve driver's height adjustment, w/r to diagonal down movement
    • Minimize reflection controls and displays when sun roof open
    • Add special place to put valet parking key
    • Pre-wired roof for those who want to change their regular mirror for a homelink one, or add a center console lamp when lid is opened
    • Softer dash plastic like in previous model
    • get rid of the awful design of the center console where you have to slide it back to open it up, and the little tray lifts with it, rendering the tray useless for storing anything. Maybe put the hinge on the side so it flips open horizontally rather than vertically.
    • Increase the distance between floor and panel above pedals, to accomodate long feet (the tip of long shoes can hit the panel and become a safety issue). (180)
    • A "pass through" to reach inside the trunk whilst inside the cabin, or placement of a long and narrow item, without having the whole seat down. (184)
    • Better sound proofing, especially through doors.
    • Windshield mirror that can be raised higher
    • Change the color of the vertical central portion of the side ventilation grids from silver to black. Under daylight conditions, they reflect on the windows, and show an annoying ghost image aligned with the side mirrors. (193)
    • Make the steering wheel in perfect centered lateral alignment with the driver's seat (247)
    • More seat adjustments: tilt for driver seat, height for passenger (266)
    • Provide a whole 'dead pedal' for the left (non-driving) foot (261)
    • Map pocket in passenger door (263)
    • More room around front seat (263)
    • Better vinyl or synthetic leather for leather-equipped models (266)
    • Mark on eco button, to make it feel different than the others (269)
    • Softer interior plastics for steering / dash / doors (300)
    • Light in area under console (341)
    • All buttons and levers should be lit (341)
    • Ability to remove the center console for emergency egress by driver or passenger before help can arrive (346)
    • Extendable sun visors (347)
    • Auto dimming mirror should get darker (352)
    • All lights should be controlled by dimming control, including high beam indicator (357)
    • Move break pedal 1 inch to the left (d)
    • Reverse direction of shift lever (push forward to go forward, pull to reverse) (d)
    • Have a version of the prius with less futuristic design of the dashboard (d)
    • Inside hatch release (d)
    • Lighter gray dashboard that does not heat as much under sun (d)


    • Second wiper for rear window, to complete the work of the first one
    • Lower rear window wiper
    • Solar skin option
    • Mirrors folding electrically
    • Increase rear-view visibility (e.g. wider rear-window view, or removing wing, + right rear quarter) without altering aerodynamics
    • More clearance under the car
    • Larger wipers on top rear window
    • Side mirrors that automatically point down when car is put in reverse
    • Auto headlamps
    • Turn signal markers in side mirrors standard for safety
    • Lower drag caused by side winds
    • 16-inch wheels
    • Front wiper blades deicing
    • Auto dimming side mirrors
    • Sunshade for backup camera
    • Fiberglass body panels to reduce car weight
    • Change the valve stem so that it's not so easy to drop a valve stem cap down into the wheel, wedged inside plastic wheel cover. This happens on the 15" wheel.
    • Reverse beep to be audible outside, behind the car
    • AFS HID Projectors (like in Lexus)
    • Better tire specs. Yokohama Avid 195/65R-15 has only 320 tread wear rating and B temperature rating and B traction rating
    • Rain sensor to automatically start wipers and close moon roof
    • Range of wheels styles to choose from (200)
    • Passenger mirror with extended section, to cover blind spot. (184)
    • Four-wheel independent suspension (200)
    • Better paint in front (254)
    • Better crash tests scores (309)
    • Winter package (heated windshield liquid, heated steering wheel, adjustable grille louvre, secondary electric heater) (315-317)
    • Doors should open at a slightly wider angle (325)
    • When front wipers are on, rear wiper should wipe once when car is put to Reverse, if temperature is above 0 C. (330)
    • Allow sparewheel (335)
    • Systems that keeps rear camear clean (337)

    • Increase connection feeling between steering and wheels (163)
    • Increase power steering capacity to bring the wheels back straight (163)
    • Increase telescoping length of steering wheel
    • Switch from oval to circular steering wheel (212)(d)
    • Improve surface material of steering wheel to make it softer less slippery (to provide a better grip), like in the Civic
    • Improve the shape of the steering wheel spokes, to grab more easily lower part of steering
    • Increase steering wheel rim diameter
    • Increase the steering wheel tilt range a little bit, especially in downward direction. (326)


    • A plug in retrofit kit
    • E85 capability
    • Improve linearity of brake response at various speeds (249)
    • All wheel drive (with high MPG)
    • Temperature sensitive grille block (opens and closes dependent on outside temp and engine coolant temp)
    • Ability to take own batteries and plug them for extra EV range
    • More power (an extra 100 hp), but not at the expense of overall MPG or powertrain longevity
    • EV mode available at higher speed
    • Possibility to add extra battery
    • Button that, when pressed, forces recharge up to 8 bars (231)
    • Better regen (232)
    • Live engine efficiency graph with current position as well as arrows indicating effect of increasing or decreasing throttle (233)
    • Backup power system option (use Prius to generate power for home)
    • Plug-in to charge battery and heat up strategic components to enable EV mode at startup
    • Power mode shoudl respond faster
    • Add a forward gear selector range where 0 throttle was glide instead of engine braking (237)
    • Make the throttle get stiffer when you hit the upper limits of ECO on the drivers display so you could keep the engine in it's most efficient range by feel (237)
    • Rear wheel drive powered by electric motor (333)
    • Lithium batteries (335)
    • Kinetic Energy Recovery System (345)
    • In ECO mode the engine should not brake when the go pedal is released for coasting (d)
  2. CivicQc

    CivicQc The world needs more prius

    Jun 20, 2009
    Planet Carbon
    2010 Prius
    Who is in a better position to propose improvements to the Prius than current and near future Prius owners?

    In an attempt to summarize the various additions/changes that members have suggested for the next year or next version of the Prius, I suggest we hold a list of those in this thread. If you find something you would like the new Prius to have, reply to this thread, and I will update the first post with the data you provided. Hopefully we can make a list that can be useful to Toyota.

    Naturally, it would make no sense to implement them all in the vehicle. However, when no more suggestions are proposed, I suggest we hold a vote on which ones are most popular, and I will re-order the list accordingly. The best candidates for implementation by Toyota will be those on top of the list...

    The rules when submitting a proposed improvement:
    1- It must be a clearly defined improvement and constructive (e.g. not things like: "I don't like the way seats are designed..." - you should specify how you think they should be changed)
    2- The improvement must be on the vehicle (e.g. not with vendors, warranty, price paid, etc.)
    3- It must be a serious improvement. Improvements like "Add to the Prius a pair of wings and a propeller à la James Bond" are not acceptable :)
    4- New rules may be added in the future...

    1- I will do my best to update the list as often as possible - but it will probably not be every day.
    2- The more replies we get, the more complete the list will be.
    3- If members are not happy about the list - I will withdraw.
    4- When reading the list, please take into account the fact that English is my second language...
    5- When writing a proposal for improvement, please write it clearly for the same reason.
    6- If you believe one of the wishes in the list is not appropriate (e.g. feature is already available), please do not hesitate to say so - this is a place for discussion.

    I have already added to the list the items that I could understand that appear in the following thread: If you are aware of another similar list - please let me know, I will attempt to merge its content.

    All suggestions are welcome!
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  3. SlowTurd

    SlowTurd I LIKE PRIUS'S

    Aug 22, 2009
    2010 Prius
    all wheel drive
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  4. HTMLSpinnr

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Surprise, AZ (Phoenix)
    2004 Prius
    ** Sticky **

    Here's a couple:

    • Expanding on what was already mentioned: Programmable temperature spread for climate control. I prefer a comfort range rather than a fixed temperature for economy. I.e. A/C at 75°F or higher and heat at 68°F or cooler. Between those ranges, blower motor only at low to medium speed. This would improve FE.
    • Ability to set % power vs. speed for cruise control (similar to speed limiter, but allows variable speed with constant fuel flow).

    I'm going to disagree w/ a few of these as well:

    • Other driver LED - as much as I've considered adding this as well, we don't need to distract other drivers. It may also appear smug. I'd hate to get rear ended because someone was paying attention to my MPG over my brake lights. There's also the potential of a lead-foot passing by at 12mpg giving anti-Prius haters fuel for their fire.
    • USB/AUX on the dash - makes stashing your ipod a bit tougher when the cables are visible. Usually cables are long enough to allow one to pull the device out from the center console.
    • Speed limiter - in a sense, cruise control does the same thing, and this could be potentially dangerous if mis-used.
    • Fan Speed vs. Temp? That would defeat the whole point of fully automatic climate control. Temperature setting directly influences fan speed, and the existing controls are well within reach and tactile. Truthfully, I rarely use the buttons on the wheel for climate, but miss the "Auto" button that the Gen II had.
    • Inside hatch release - the liftgate doesn't lift automatically, thus those who are opening might as well grasp the latch. This might only help w/ those who can't manage to find the button. Those are probably the same folks that close the hatch via the spoiler :(
    • More power is nice, but I don't want it at the expense of overall MPG or powertrain longevity.
    • As much as the hot 12V option sounds "nice", the overall capacity of the 12V aux battery is so meager that leaving a cell phone charger hot even w/o a device would drain it (takes some power to keep the LED's lit on the charger). Making the 12V battery bigger isn't the answer due to weight. I think the engineers saw some cause/effect potential here and made the right call. Most phones have mini or micro-usb charging anyway - the chargers or a USB cables are rather prevalent for alternatives.
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  5. blueumbrella

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    May 24, 2009
    2009 Prius
    I think you are looking at a 40 to 50 thousand dollar vehicle.
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  6. thbjr

    thbjr Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    2010 Prius
    My PERFECT Prius

    Of the options available on the 2010 Prius, if you could get any of them as a stand alone option, and not be tied to package deals, what would your PREFECT prius have.
    I'd like to have a:
    Sandy Beach w/ Dark Grey interior (currently not available as a combo)
    Floor/Cargo mats
    Rear Bumper Applique
    Nav System w/ XM NavTraffic
    Radar Cruise Control
    Lane Assist
    Parking Assist
    Solar Roof Panel w/ venalation (no moonroof, just don't care for them)
    Lumbar support in cloth seats (I hate sweating on leather in the desert)
    LED Head Lights
    Fog Lights
    Back up Camera
    Door Lock Sensors front doors and hatch back
  7. spammerhamster

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    Feb 27, 2008
    2008 Prius

    exactly. You can wish for all the options of the world, but in the end you must realize that it'd all manifest in costs.

    improvements that won't cost a dime are more realistic.

    Like an advanced mode in the computer, which simply outputs all raw data for those who need to see it. (no more scanguage)
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  8. patsparks

    patsparks An Aussie perspective

    Jul 12, 2007
    Adelaide South Australia
    2004 Prius
    Surely Toyota can just perfect the transporter beam, it would be cheaper. Beam me up Scotty!!!
  9. CivicQc

    CivicQc The world needs more prius

    Jun 20, 2009
    Planet Carbon
    2010 Prius
    :) The goal is not to have all of them actually implemented on the Prius... As mentionned in post #2, the purpose of this exercise is to identify many possible improvements, and then to vote - that will tell us which ones are the most popular. Only those could be good candidates for implementation - because many people like them.

    I will make sure that is clear in my post - thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Rokeby

    Rokeby Member

    Jan 21, 2008
    Ballamer, Merlin
    2008 Prius
    Isn't Toyota's "improved version" of the Prius called a Lexus? :D
  11. CivicQc

    CivicQc The world needs more prius

    Jun 20, 2009
    Planet Carbon
    2010 Prius
    It depends on the criteria used for the comparison...
  12. HTMLSpinnr

    HTMLSpinnr Moderator
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    Dec 8, 2003
    Surprise, AZ (Phoenix)
    2004 Prius
    Just added Turn Signal Mirrors standard - they're available where legally required, but for safety sake, I'd vote to have them everywhere.
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  13. HTMLSpinnr

    HTMLSpinnr Moderator
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    Dec 8, 2003
    Surprise, AZ (Phoenix)
    2004 Prius
    ** Merged a "perfect Prius" thread into this one. **
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  14. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web i3 and Prime

    Nov 25, 2005
    Huntsville AL with 2014 BMW i3-REx
    2017 Prius Prime
    Prime Plus
    "CHECK ENGINE" light when the last of the gasoline is gone. Restores a function already in the NHW11 and NHW20s.

    Automatic, air-inlet block operated by the engine coolant temperature.

    Bob Wilson
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  15. JimN

    JimN Let the games begin!

    Nov 26, 2006
    South Jersey
    2010 Prius
    I'd like to see the current display while using LKA & RCC. I'm also voting that the customizable settings should be changed by the owner, and that we get "ScanGauge" instrumentation including inverter temp. Why can't we get a larger cheaper standard size battery?
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  16. R2Pre2

    R2Pre2 Feel the Force!

    Nov 1, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    2018 Prius Prime
    Plug-in Advanced
    I'm one of the people wanting an inside hatch release, and this goes along with my other request for a rigid tonneau cover attached to the hatch. Both of these features were available on my dearly departed SAAB 900SE and I loved both.

    Used primarily when I have groceries/anything in the trunk under the tonneau. As I'm getting out of the car from the driver's seat: 1) I press the hatch release, which then springs open (although not rising), then, 2) I press the door lock, then close the driver's door. I walk to the hatch/trunk, raise it manually, (the tonneau cover rising with the hatch), revealing my bagged groceries, etc., which I lift out. Now all I have to is close the hatch, which automatically locks closed as a result of #2 above.

    The above procedure is more "built-in" efficient than having to dig into my pocket/purse/jacket to find my keys and hit the door lock button after I've left the car, which currently needs to be done.

    Unless I'm missing something . . . :)
  17. Paradox

    Paradox Prius Enthusiast / Moderator
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    Sep 22, 2005
    2014 Prius v wagon
    Amongst other items already noted... Since it must already be somewhere in the programming, I'd like to see models here in the US be able to show data on the navigation screen which now we can only view on the MID. Some examples provided below:



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  18. R2Pre2

    R2Pre2 Feel the Force!

    Nov 1, 2009
    SF Bay Area
    2018 Prius Prime
    Plug-in Advanced
    I don't even need a translation to know I definitely **want** those data screens! Totally cool and geeky.
  19. kgall

    kgall Active Member

    May 3, 2009
    Olympic Peninsula, WA
    Other Hybrid
    1. Wider rear view window.

    2. Fix the half-second brake cut-out problem.

    3. Rationalize the placement of the buttons on the climate control system--the current setup is a mess.

    4. Put all the transmission settings (including park) in a single lever OR row of buttons--not a mix of both. Put the driving mode buttons near the transmission settings.

    5. Give us an MPG computer that doesn't lie to us to make us feel good.

    6. Put the odometer permanently ON.

    6A. Move the instantaneous MPG display to one of the rotating MFD screens if you must in order to do 6.

    7. This may involve extra cost--or lowering the top of the vehicle: find a way to increase the rear storage space below the window so that it will store as much stuff as the Corolla trunk.

    8. Also may involve lowering height of vehicle: Lower drag (or whatever you engineers call the gas-guzzling force) caused by side winds.

    I may have a few more for you later.
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  20. Srsingsalot

    Srsingsalot Junior Member

    Dec 31, 2009
    2010 Prius
    I'm sure this has been addressed but searching for a while didn't come up with anything...

    why the heck didn't Toyota tie the solar panel into the charging system?? I know it doesn't do that much but but it seems like a huge waste of a power generation system that could be charging the batteries while driving rather than just running an AC on occasion while parked.
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