sway bar(s) for prius

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    Dec 1, 2003
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    Ok, I finally took my rear anti-sway bar off and weighed and calculated it resistance to torsion compared to a larger one. I even drove around without it in place and the difference was hard to determine. It's not doing very much. I'm going to thread to see if anyone is interested in trying an upgrade that I will be ordering. The stock bar is about 0.759" OD and 0.568" ID (by weight calculation).

    So if this bar was solid it would be about 46% stiffer.

    If we go to a solid bar with a 0.875" OD it would be 158% stiffer. That's about a 22mm bar compared to a 19.5 mm bar. A solid bar is recommended to keep the cost down. The bars will be unfinished so you'll either have to paint it or have it powder coated. I can't guarantee any performance difference but I'm going to get one for myself and anyone else that wants one. If I can get 5 bars ordered the cost goes down by about 30% and once we have the fixture built we can re-order them. I don't plan to make anything on this but just cover all the costs. So please respond in the new thread for a group buy. Thanks
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    Feb 10, 2007
    Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead.

    I checked the energy suspension website and didn't find any listings for Prius bushings. I couldn't find anything from Prothane either. Anyone have any better luck?

    BTW I used energy suspension urethane bushings in my last 3 cars (all Hondas) and had great results. No problem with squeaking either...just have to lubricate them well with high-quality grease at installation.