Swedish Test Drive of a Petrol Car - Amusing and Original

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    With people so used to petrol engines and mostly unaware of the benefits of both hybrids and BEVs, it's amusing that our Swedish friends have a look at this issue from a different angle;

    Test drive of a petrol car - Tesla Club Sweden

    Enjoy (y)

    "When we came to a stop the engine continued to run and the car vibrate – even though the car was standing still! The engine continued to burn gasoline without moving the car forward. Can it really be true? Yes, the seller explained, it is so with gasoline cars: the engine is always running and burning gasoline – even when the car is stationary. Some models however switches off the engine at a red light, he explained. Well that certainly makes more sense."......

    "After a while we came to a gas station where we could charge the car. The car claimed that it still had half a tank left, but we wanted to try the famous super-fast charging of petrol cars!".....

    "The seller looked very puzzled at us and explained that it is not possible to refuel gasoline cars at home, and there are no free gas stations. We tried to explain our questions, in case he had misunderstood, but he insisted that you can not. Apparently you have to several times a month drive to the gas station to recharge your petrol car at extortionate prices – there are no alternatives! We thought it was very strange that no gasoline car manufacturers have launched their own free gas stations?"....

    And one of my favourite quotes from the article;

    "With gasoline vehicles it is easy to run into
    cost anxiety – the feeling that the car literally burns up your money! No cheap home charging and no regeneration of gasoline back to the fuel tank when braking sounds like economic madness – especially given that all gasoline must be imported from abroad."
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