T-SB-0067-08 AUX Port noise (includes 2009 Prius)

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    Hello All,

    I was searching for a means to fix the AUX Port issue discussed in this TSB.
    Noise from Aux Port (06-08) | PriusChat Describes the problem.
    However, the post is over a year old and I did not want to bring it back from the dead.

    It is now 2014 and having bought my '09 in April 2009, I thought I was SOOL. So I thought, why not give Toyota Extra Care a call and see if this covered under the Extended Warranty (7YR/100K Miles Platinum Care).

    I called and verified with Toyota Financial that this particular problem IS and WILL BE covered under the Extended Platinum Care. So, in case you're a Gen II Prius owner and your Extended Warranty is still in effect, go to your dealer pointing out the TSB. They will fix it for you. You can even ask the Toyota Customer Care to fax you a copy of the TSB. It includes DIY instructions as well.

    Why did I opt for this rather than the $15 AUX cable filter? Because I've gone through about 3 of them now and its a futile exercise knowing that the next one will eventually fail. My Service dealership is currently ordering parts for this work (about $200) and they will call once the parts are there for me to schedule service. With Labor included this would be somewhere around $400 (including taxes) to complete this job (they quoted me an 1.5 hours of work and their labor rates were $112/hour). Glad that the warranty is coming to some good use.

    Will report back once I have the work done.