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Talking Toyotas coming soon

Discussion in 'Fred's House of Pancakes' started by pilotgrrl, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) plans to start selling U.S. vehicles that can talk to each other using short-range wireless technology in 2021, the Japanese automaker said on Monday, potentially preventing thousands of accidents annually.

    Toyota hopes to adopt the dedicated short-range communications systems in the United States across most of its lineup by the mid-2020s. Toyota said it hopes that by announcing its plans, other automakers will follow suit.

    In 2017, General Motors Co (GM.N) began offering vehicle-to-vehicle technologies on its Cadillac CTS model, but it is currently the only commercially available vehicle with the system. Talking vehicles, which have been tested in pilot projects and by U.S. carmakers for more than a decade, use dedicated short-range communications to transmit data up to 300 meters, including location, direction and speed, to nearby vehicles.

    The data is broadcast up to 10 times per second to nearby vehicles, which can identify risks and provide warnings to avoid imminent crashes, especially at intersections.

    Toyota has deployed the technology in Japan to more than 100,000 vehicles since 2015.

    More information here:
    Toyota Has Big Plans To Get Cars Talking To Each Other And Infrastructure In The U.S.

    Toyota to launch 'talking' vehicles in United States in 2021 | Reuters
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    The US is a much bigger country than Japan so it'll take substantially more money and time to roll out technologies such as V2I. V2V can be more practical.

    For those that are unaware, the Gen 4 Prius is available with ITS (which is Toyota's V2I). I've documented it here in Point number 4 in the 2015 thread.

    Future Toyota Integrated Safety Systems (2015 Edition) | PriusChat

    V2V DRCC would be cool but that assumes the other driver is using cruise control. I'm surprised that there are still people out there that don't trust cruise control or just don't like relaxing on a long drive.
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