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    Oct 2, 2022
    2008 Prius
    I am currently living in my prius gen 2
    I love her, recently I took my 12v to get charged. I needed to move the car and jumped her with the 12v out.
    that was bad. Right after the abs went bad and the inverter pump went bad within half and hour of this event.
    It could just be chance.
    Anyways I replaced the inverter pump, in the process of replacing abs pump
    but now.
    I recently bought techstream so I could look up all the codes without needing to pay over 100 dollars everything the red triangle or check light turns on.
    Below i will attach a screenshot of all my codes:
    if you can give me advice please do soon. I just want my car to run right again. I want to be able to work and live stress free. thank you
    it also says i have a weak cell 7 , i know i can replace that easily and cheaply.
    its the other codes that concern me. thank you
    attached is the full report from techstream

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    Mar 30, 2008
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    2010 Prius
    P3000, C1259, and C1310 are only there because of the P0A80 and P3017. B1421 is only there because the sun wasn't shining on the sun sensor at the time you read the codes. No big deal.

    So you have C1252 and C1256 in the brake system. B1462 from the HVAC, and the aforementioned battery issue.

    The B1462 is something with the circuit for the cabin humidity sensor.

    C1252 is about the brake pressure pump having to be turned on for too long without achieving the target pressure, and C1256 is about the pressure being too low. You should first pay attention to whether you're hearing the pump run at all. If it is really running, and runs forever without reaching pressure, something's very worn out in this actuator assembly you recently installed. But if you don't hear it running, that could be the whole problem; maybe there's an electrical connection you overlooked. Clearly if the pump can't run when called for, then the call will last an excessively long time and the pressure won't go up. ;)