Techstream SKS new key programing question

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    I have a new SKS silver key to program for a 2007 Prius. I'm using the instructions in the shop manual in Vol3, DL-143. This is the section that lists the steps to register new and additional key codes. I have a working master key that starts the car with the key fob in the dash, locks/unlocks doors with the buttons on the fob and the proximity SKS function works.

    Here are my questions that are not clearly answered in the directions:

    #2 Add mode: specifies that the power switch is in the On(IG). Doesn't specify that the master fob in the dash or that the SKS is off. It seems that the fob has to be in the dash and that the SKS is off.

    #5 "press any one of the transmitter switches on the registered master key." I understand this to mean that, within 30 seconds,I have to turn the power switch off, remove the master key and press a button.
    Then I have to place the master key out of range - out of the car, and then, on the new key, press the Lock and Unlock keys at the same time and then, within 3 seconds press any one of the keys.

    #6 And wait for the buzzer...

    Have I got this right?

    Ed K
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    You have an existing fully functional SKS key fob, which you will use as the master, and you want to add a new SKS key fob to your 2007 Gen 2 Prius.
    So, you need to set the second State switching condition which is Add mode – Power switch is ON (IG). That is, neither key fob is inserted into the slot at this point. ON(IG) is achieved by having your foot OFF the brake and pressing the power button twice at about a second for each press.

    I don't know what leads you to believe the SKS should be OFF, but I would have thought it should be enabled (KEY button in out position).

    In step #3 presumably, you follow the prompts in Techstream and it gives you the sequence to insert the master and then the new in and out of the key slot.
    No, as per my comment above the existing (master) key fob is not inserted at this point. There is no time specified, but the next step #6 using the new key fob needs to be completed within 30 seconds.

    (NOTE:You are doing the add mode so, the new registration mode ending with "The wireless door lock buzzer sounds when registration is completed without errors." are not performed.

    I hope this helps.
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