The PriusChat Show - Episode 7 "The Face Off"

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    Episode 7 of the PriusChat Show brings Danny & Russell face-to-face as they take a look at some of the hottest PriusChat forum topics that examine the Prius' purpose, the Highlander Hybrid getting 56.2 MPG, Start/Stop button modifications, and more. Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe via RSS | Download the show in MP3 format The Critic - Is The Prius Losing Its Purpose? CPSDarren - Tomorrow's 56.2-mpg technology showcased today in Toyota Highlander Hybrid SmellyTofu - TRD button 2011 Toyota Prius PLUS Performance Package This week’s show is sponsored by the PriusChat Shop, where you can prepare for the hot days ahead by treating your Prius to a custom-made Heatshield sunshade. Available now at .
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    Two items to add regarding the Plus package:

    #1 Lowering springs, 17" wheels and a rear sway bar make a HUGE difference in cornering ability. It transforms the Prius into something a lot closer to a real sports car. Trust me. :D

    #2 Sell the TRD sway bar on priuschat shop. A lot of members here highly recommend the mod but it ends up being purchased somewhere else.

    Look, no body roll!