The simple "lock on" jacking ring for absolutely stable front end brake-tire work

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    both tires off ground.JPG partially jacked up.JPG fully jacked up.JPG We developed this extraordinarily simple thick billet aluminum ring that 'locks" the jack saddle to the slippery "nub" on the Gen 3 front jacking point.

    Most often, the front jacking point precariously slips or even slips off of the top of the jack, before the jack's wheels move to compensate. This adapter works on the inexpensive WalMart HyperTough jack made by Torn and sold under many other labels. It also works on the Harbor Freight flat top aluminum racing jack.

    In either application, the fit is so tight that the front jacking point will NOT slip off.

    It's great for placing jack stands and raises both wheels off the ground making it ideal for tire changing or brake and front axle work. racing jack fully up.JPG
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