Think EV HV controler firmware update... WOW!

Discussion in 'Th!nk EVs' started by Rokeby, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Jan 21, 2008
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    I had the HV controller firmware update done earlier today. Wow!

    We rarely take our Think on freeways. But, I made an exception on
    the ~20 mile trip home from Eurostar so I could experience/evaluate
    the new Firmware. Comments:

    D(rive) mode. Car accelerates like it has a turbo. Put your foot in it
    and the car scoots forward with a firm push on the back/kick in the
    butt. Car easily accelerates up to 70 MPH. I ran an informal "reality
    check" on a ~1/2 mile long hill on a surface road. With the earlier
    firmware, starting from a dead stop, I could get up to and sustain
    40 MPH. With the new firmware I had reached 60 MPH and still
    accelerating when I crested the hill. Wow! The energy use gauge was
    down to the orange dots which I had never seen before. Top speed is
    alleged to be 78 MPH. I saw 70, and could feel some acceleration
    still available when I punched it.

    E(conomy) mode. Allegedly, the starting from 0 MPH torque curve
    and regen curves have been reprofiled to give more startup torque and
    regen. This maybe so, but I'll admit if this it so, it's not a slap in the back
    of the head like the changes to D. I believe that I can feel a greater
    deceleration from regen, but it's subtle. Since I drive for minimum energy
    use, before the upgrade I rarely used the full acceleration capacity of the
    car. I can't say I feel greater acceleration from 0 MPH. If it's there, I guess
    it will be useful from time to time. In E, the car tops out at a gutless 60
    MPH on the flat.

    I expect that I will continue driving in E for the vast majority of the time in
    our mostly urban driving regime…
    and waiting for -- or simply making up -- the most transparent/juvenile
    excuses to drop into D and punch it just for the fun of it!


    Remind me, what does GTO stand for…G(??) T(hink) O(??)

    Hahaha! ;-)