Thinking of trading up to a '16 Two Eco

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    Horrible Idea.
    DO IT!
    Don't look back.
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    I bought Gen3 used, because at some point I'll do upgrading. At this moment for me visually Gen3 better appealing than Gen4, but I really like Prime. Although I don't anticipate problems with Gen4,, but I think next year there will be fixing some problems of really Pokemon look. Also because I bought Prius to save money, so in this regards switching cars is not responsible option for me. I never use financing for cars, I have Bay Area mortgage and I think this enough.
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    The 4th gen is a pretty car - very racy and edgy - looks more aerodynamic but
    the 3rd gen is also a pretty car in a more functional family way.

    Because cars cost so much and their resale value drops over time - I personally tend to hold on my cars for a long time My previous car - I held onto for 20 years. My previous car, a 1990 Honda Accord LX Automatic 4 door sedan costed about 14K USD in 1990 but by the time I replaced it in 2010 - it had a resale value of $1K to $2K USD....

    The main value of owning a car for me is using it - so there is this cost - benefit analysis that I do....

    After 20 years of ownership - I wanted a very reliable, affordable, fuel efficient vehicle - but I do not have a way to recharge an EV or plug in... and hybrid tech looked more promising than diesel or conventional gas ... the Prius hybrid beat the Honda Insight ...and at the time - there was only one Prius - the Prius Hatchback in the Prius Family ---- decision made.

    Now there are several versions of the Prius - but I am still happy with my 2010 Toyota Prius.

    If I could do over again - (1) I 'd get black or white instead of blue exterior... Why? flat black or white is easier to repaint than metallic colors (2) buy that more expensive windshield sun screen thingy from the priuschat store which would likely last longer than the cheap thing sold at the dealership. (3) If I had spent more - it would be for a leather interior, tinted windows,.and weathertech mats for the rear trunk. Why? to make the interior a bit more durable and resistant to daily wear and tear.

    What I like about my 3rd gen Prius over a new 4th gen Prius at the dealership?

    1) the temporary spare tire- helpful when you get a flat tire.- I have had 3 flats in five years...
    2) the Linear Logic Scangauge II xgauge programming codes are documented for the 3rd gen but not for the 4th gen - In time - I believe the 4th gen xgauge programming codes will be documented too....these *extra* xgauge codes are useful when hypermiling.
    3) my 3rd gen Prius is paid for.

    What's new about the 4th gen Prius that I like

    1) incremental fuel efficiency improvements over a broader driving temperature range over a wider driving speeds.. I work at my driving skills to achieve an overall 58 mpg over 75,000 miles over 5 years with a 2010 Prius but the new 2016 Prius Two Eco promises 58 mpg with less effort and less driving skill.
    2) better ergonomic design for the driver... more buttons light up at night!
    3) the lower center of gravity of the 4th gen should improve handling on curves at higher speeds.
    4) I do like the integrated backup camera.

    What I did right with my 3rd gen Prius

    1) buy a Toyota Prius over a Honda Insight - Honda discontinued the 2nd gen Insight.
    2) buy, programmed, and learned how to use Linear Logic Scangauge II ( but I only needed one)
    3) buy OE Toyota floor mats - they stay in place by using the hooks on the floor
    4) buy a 3rd party GPS instead of the Toyota GPS system - the Toyota GPS is too costly to update

    what I never got right with my 3rd gen Prius

    1) find a 12VDC portable tire air compressor that would not blow the fuse of the Prius 12VDC power adapter. instead. I end up using a mechanical bicycle tire air pump to inflate my Prius's Tires. Why the fuss? Low rolling resistant tires and keeping the tire pressure up - is vital part to achieving the high MPG that the Prius is known for. I replaced my LRR OE tires Yokohama Avid S33d with Michelin All Season Energy Savers - the MPG performance for both LRR tire models are sensitive to tire pressure. The low tire pressure monitor can get confused too - there is this reset button under the steering column for this...

    no buyer's remorse for me ...even after five years...
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    I switched the toyo tires for Michelin. because the toyo tires were new they gave me 50 bucks a tire. so the Michelins only cost me 300 instead of $500.
    your car is beautiful congrats. what kind of tires are on it?

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    I'm going for this look.

    Niche Targa M129 rims- Anthracite
    17" Toyo Versado Eco 215/45/17 tires