Tires Needed for a 2009 Touring w 205/55/16

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    Hi Everyone :grouphug:,

    I realize there are many different messages/threads on here for tires, however the more I read, the more it seems I should ask for your help.

    The last time I purchased tires, wound up with Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread and the size noted above, which appears to be larger(?) than what my car came with originally.

    It is time again and i no longer remember "why" the size difference was a good change to make and it seems to be throwing the different tire companies off in suggesting what is right for my 2009 TOURING version of the Prius .. ANY AND ALL HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Hearing about "H" versus "V" ratings in the tires and that I need to be in an "V" tire, but the tires that I am reading about and pricing are H not V ...

    My driving is based upon being a about 40-50k a year... lots of rain and shine ( although dry here lately ).. many times with others in my car...want a tire that is SAFE in WET CONDITIONS and HOLDS THE ROAD WELL otherwise too, is GOOD MILEAGE ( although SAFETY FIRST) and a TIRE THAT WILL LAST will last at least 60,000 miles (If possible....)

    Was okay with the Goodyear Assurance Triple Treads, but have had lots of noise from them, most noticeable when on the cell phone ...people can hear the road, and have had uneven wear even though rotating.

    Checked into some posts and saw the Bridgestone ECOPI in the 422 and in the 100...both say they are not for my car tire size and rating - IF I am reading them right....

    Checked into the Michelin MXV4 and its sound alike the MXM4 .. and became even more unsure about making a wise purchase.

    If you are able to explain this in a simple way, and or let me know if I should stay with the current size tire or downsize to the size the car came with, please let me know what your thoughts are.

    If you are able to help me select a tire based upon size and need requirements, I would be very appreciative and grateful.

    Did not realize i was this close to needing tires until my service technician let me know yesterday that one was almost bald and the others were 3/32's? and running about 18,000 miles less than they the hurry up search started.. what I thought was going to be a simple lesson has become complex...

    Please if you have any advise or input for me that will be easy to grasp, I would be very grateful to learn from your wisdom and 52 there are many things that I know about .. tires are not one of those topics.

    The store that I purchased my tires from WILL give me a credit of almost $200 on the tires currently on my that part is figured to learn WHICH TIRES and WHAT SIZE TO GET...

    If you are able to email me that would be phone is not set up for prius chat, however I do have email availability and would sure love to get the right tires put on my car as soon as a sound decision can be made.

    Thank you all for your help! love, Love, LOVE my Prius!

    With appreciation and gratitude,

    Erin Rothchild
    [email protected]