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    In Toyota’s repair manuals, many of the Recommended Tools sections refer to the Toyota Electrical Tester Set, part number 09080-1C111, and its companion AC/DC 400A Probe Set, part number 09080-2C111, a digital multimeter (DMM or DVOM) and clamp-on current probe, respectively. I was curious about the features and specifications of these instruments, and I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

    The Toyota list prices (¥43,000 and ¥37,600) were too high to buy examples from Japan just to compare with instruments I already had, and I couldn’t find much other information, aside from Toyota bulletins S-1003 and S-2005 announcing part number changes and a few photographs of secondhand units offered for sale, but I believe I’ve identified the actual manufacturer.

    The multimeter and the current probe are strikingly similar to products of Kaise Corporation (pronounced kai-say), a Japanese maker of electrical instruments established in 1955. The multimeter appears to be a Kaise SK-6150 (instructions), and the current probe appears to be a Kaise 660 (instructions). The versions produced for Toyota and DENSO (as the DGT-2) might have internal differences, but I think this is unlikely.

    Toyota’s meter accessories also appear to correspond to Kaise products:

    Toyota 09082-1C111 Base Lead — Kaise 100-40 Lead Wires
    Toyota 09082-1C121 Test Bar — Kaise 766 Test Pipes
    Toyota 09082-1C131 Pin 2.0 mm — Kaise 767 Test Pins
    Toyota 09082-1C141 Pin 0.5 mm — Kaise 792 Straight Test Pins
    Toyota 09082-1C151 Alligator Clip — Kaise 948 Alligator Clips
    Toyota 09082-1C161 IC Clip — Kaise 949 IC Clips (Japanese page)​

    (The first four of these items are part of the Test Lead Set, Toyota part number 09080-2C101.)

    Comparing the specifications linked above and in Kaise’s General Catalog (5.7 MB PDF) with those of the Fluke 87V multimeter and Fluke i410 AC/DC current clamp shown in Toyota’s service training materials for the U.S. market, I’d prefer the Fluke multimeter, despite the higher price, but the Kaise current probe and test leads might be worth buying, if you needed them and didn’t mind paying for shipping from Japan.

    Note that the instruments discussed in this post are for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and frequency; they are not a replacement for OBD II code readers or proprietary diagnostic tools like Toyota’s Techstream or Intelligent Tester.

    In case anyone is searching, older versions of the tester and current probe had Toyota part numbers 09082-00040, 09082-00050, 09080-1C110, 09083-00350 and 09080-2C110.
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