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Toyota Prius 2019 Active Fuel Injectors

Discussion in 'Gen 4 Prius Main Forum' started by SaNLeX, Jul 2, 2024.

  1. SaNLeX

    SaNLeX New Member

    Jul 2, 2024
    United Kingdom
    2019 Prius
    So my friend was checking my fuel injectors,we've noticed that 4th injector had no plastic nozzle on it at all,the 3rd or second I think had only half of a plastic nozzle on it,and other two were okay.For some reason my friend decided to swap 1st and 4th injectors ,do not know why,he assumed that the 4th with no nozzle would be better placed as 1st...So My question is - Is it important in which order these injectors are placed ? They all looked the same to me.My friend also mentioned that in new cars it does not matter in which order injectors are placed,but now I was reading some stuff and asking ChatGpt,and everyone writes that it does matter .I've come here to find out if it in fact does matter and why,please help me,thanks ! Also there were plastic circles on it,they broke up in half,my friend said they not really needed there and placed them as they were,nothing is leaking.My car has about 100.700 miles on it ,the manual book says that fuel injectors should be changed after 100 k,but friend says that they look fine,I have a feeling that he want to destroy my car....But I was driving since for 3 days now ,and i didn't notice any difference in performance of my car.Also he says that I don't need to change oil every 10 k miles,that I can easily go to 15 k miles and nothing bad will happen... Please help ASAP,I need to decide if I should buy a new Fuel injectors or not and most important - does that matter in which order I should place them,also If I buy a new ones,how will I know in which order I suppose to place them ? Is there any marks on them ?