Featured Toyota Rolls Out Completely Redesigned Crown

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    Toyota Rolls Out Completely Redesigned Crown | TOYOTA | TOYOTA Global Newsroom


    Three powertrains, two of which are hybrid - a 2.0T with 8-speed automatic in RWD (carryover from the previous generation I believe?), a 2.5 NiMH hybrid with single-stage hybrid system in RWD or AWD (new engine (same as the new Camry/Avalon Hybrid), but I think carryover transmission from the previous 2.5 liter hybrid system?) with 223 system hp, and a 3.5 Li-ion hybrid with multi-stage hybrid system in RWD (same as in the LC and LS 500h) with 354 system hp. (The numbers in the press release are quoted in PS, hence the difference in this post.)

    The most efficient 2.5 liter RWD hybrids are claimed at 24.0 km/l or 56.5 mpg - for comparison, the Camry with the same engine (all trims Li-ion equipped in Japan) is 28.4-33.4 km/l, or 66.8-78.6 mpg (yeah, that is not realistic).

    For an idea of what this car actually is... think of what a Lexus GS would be if it were a Toyota brand product. The previous Crown basically was a reskinned Lexus GS under the less ostentatious Toyota brand, although there is no Lexus GS counterpart to this generation (the Lexus ES serving as the GS's replacement).