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    May 6, 2005
    Well, after having a terrible experience at Thousand Oaks Toyota (see thread on Dealers selling over MSRP) and walking out, we called Rose at Toyota Santa Moncia. She told us they were selling at MSRP. We gave her our deposit on Thursday. She said it would be there any day. After several more phone calls checking in (she was very patient) and specifically requesting that they NOT install Lo-Jack (even though they do it on all new cars), we got a call on Tuesday afternoon to come pick up our Silver #6...not Jacked! They gave us a reasonable price for the trade-in (unlike the ridiculous low balling of Thousand Oaks) and we had a rather pain free experience. I was still quite gunshy from the earlier dealer encounter, but they never really went into "car dealer" mode. They were really straight up about it! So, if you're looking and Santa Monica is convenient for you, I highly recommend Rose at Toyota Santa Monica...she ROCKS!
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    Thanks for the post. I like to think that we watch out for one another around here: steering away from the bad ones and recommending the good ones.

    And congratulations on your new Prius! For the new ownership and spreading the word about a good dealers, I'll throw some points your way.