Featured Toyota to Unveil GR HV SPORTS concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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    Toyota to Unveil GR HV SPORTS concept at Tokyo Motor Show 2017 | TOYOTA Global Newsroom

    So, I'm not sure what hybrid system this actually has - the "THS-R" designation has been used on:
    • A racing-modified GS 450h, complete with the stock L110 power split device
    • A racing-modified Supra with a rear axle motor and two front wheel motors
    • Toyota's LMP1 hybrids with a motor sandwiched between the engine and 6/7-speed sequential manual transmission, and (except for the TS030) a front axle motor.
    There's also been the apr racing Prius GT300, which at least in the Gen 3-based car had the motor on the back side of the 6-speed sequential manual transmission's input shaft (same effect as being sandwiched, but with worse weight distribution), and the Gen 4 likely has the same effect but with the motor in a different place, and the Yaris Hybrid-R concept, which had a sandwiched front motor and two rear wheel motors, but I don't believe those got the THS-R designation (because Toyota themselves didn't do the apr cars' hybrid systems, and the Yaris Hybrid-R was never raced).

    However, the fact that they actually put a fake manual shifter on this thing makes me suspect it's a sandwiched motor on a 6-speed automatic. It might be the L210, though, from the IS/RC/GS 300h, with software to get the fake gears.
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    I hope it's simple, fun and not expensive :D

    If this gets into production then I bet the design will be something similar to normal Toyota hybrids, maybe similar to LC 500h multi stage hybrid just a smaller engine in lighter car. How does that gear changes work in multi stage hybrid, does it feel fake or real? If I remember correctly there are 4 physical gears and out comes 10 simulated, GR HV would maybe need only 3 physical and out comes 6 simulated gears.
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