Trouble with climate change survey

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    About a year ago, I participated in a survey of climate change attitudes that resulted in this open access paper:
    Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Climate Change Risk Perceptions of Audiences in the Climate Change Blogosphere | HTML
    The first problem is the climate skeptics avoided the survey. It is unfair to project anything beyond the simple observation ... they don't want survey examination.

    This begs the question of whether we might get climate skeptic profiles by taking the general population metrics and subtracting this self-selected group?
    • Political Views - taking the generation population of Left and Right political views from asking Google as say: 31% Democrats; 25% Republican and; 40% Independent. This suggests 1.24 Democrats per Republican. In the survey, the ratio is 6.04 Left-wing per Right-wing. In effect, changing climate change attitudes needs to concentrate on Right-wing and/or Republican groups. The Left-wing and/or Democratic groups are a poor use of resources. Fortunately, the Right-wing or Republican media groups are easily identified.
    • Level of Education - although Google did not give the same buckets as the survey, it appears identification of less educated venues and entertainment will provide a better return on investment compared to 'preaching to the choir.'
    The utility of this paper is direction on where efforts are likely to result in a maximum effect.

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    Two fundamental shortcomings are mentioned above. Left skew and 'over' educated. This may be unavoidable in voluntary response survey structures.

    A survey asking responses to what 'we' consider a list of climate disinformation statements might generate useful insights. Even though eggheads might not attempt it.

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