Upgraded Audio Unit Stopped allowing me to select HD stations

Discussion in 'Prius v Audio and Electronics' started by gromittoo, Feb 23, 2020.

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    Mar 9, 2017
    2012 Prius v wagon
    Several years ago, I upgraded my Head unit in my 2013 Prius V level 2. The stock unit was 57010, and I found a reasonably priced 57011 (from a prius V level 3) I managed to get it all to work, except the XM radio, which I did not want.

    I drive for Uber and Lyft, and the main reason I did the upgrade was to get a reliable GPS that works in between the skyscrapers in Philadelphia. Cell phone based GPS signals just don't work in Center City Philly; your position suddenly jumps through a building, and into the alley behind that building.

    For the first year or so, I had HD radio. I found the selection of sub-channels really nice to have (and often commercial free). One day last summer, I stopped being able to select subchannels. For example I can only select 88.5 FM, when I used be be able to select 88.5-1; 88.5-2; 88.5-3; ETC...

    1) At first I thought I hit some obscure menu option to turn off HD radio. I can't find any such option.
    2) Then I had the scary thought that maybe the radio looked at my VIN number, and realized that the car is only a trim level 2, and decided to disable HD radio (but the GPS still works).
    3) My final thought was that something about how HD-FM works changed, and My unit is no longer compatible.

    Does anyone have any Idea how to get the sub-channels back?