"v" OE 17" vs 16" wheel/tire observations..

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    Feb 4, 2012
    2012 Prius v wagon
    Thought I would share our initial thoughts on the differences between the OE 17" wheels/tires that came on our "v" 5 and the OE 16" on the 3 level "v"....We actually went the opposite way most owners do when swapping wheel/tire combinations....looking for a potential softer ride....
    We, at the time of the original purchase of our "v", had actually asked the dealer if they would swap our 17"combo for a "v" 3 16" combo....for whatever reason they would not go-for-the-deal..??

    1-IMO the 17" look better ...Oh well !
    2-Ride height does not appear to be affected.
    3-Actual ride, have the same tire pressures-42 F/40R, seem to be somewhat softer in the new 16" combo. Hope this isn't just in my head since this was the reason to go to the 16's...
    4-I'm not an aggressive driver, but it was obivious the 17's provided a more responsive feel..not that the 16's are mushy only that they seem to provide an "old-man" ride/response...Oh well that's me.
    5-Have not had the 16" combo on long enough to make a comment on how they may affect the fuel economy if any....happy with the 42+ calculated the 17's provided overall for 16k miles...Will post any differences at a later time....
    Still have to get the 16" sensors synced to the "v" system...
    Signing off for now...trying to edit pictures of our 17" wheels/tires in the "Private sale forum"