Was considering on leasing this car.

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    Hey guys, how are you all today?

    So today I went to my dealer to test drive the new 2017 Prius Hybrid (non prime)

    I went inside the 2017 Prius Three with the technology package and test drove it. I noticed that the rims were extremely appalling. They looked like steelie wheels with a cheap center logo in the middle that can pop off. I went on the website and they showed much nicer rims and not like knockoffs which they had me test drive.

    Car was very nice. Very smooth and loved the heads up display. He took me inside and did a lease quote and this is where it went all down hill...

    He told me that with 12k miles a year, exact same model with the wheels and $3,000 down will be $490 a month for 36 months. My jaw dropped.

    My friend is leasing a Lexus IS for $420 a month/ 36 months with $2,500 down.

    He was trying to tell me the car is $35k and is premium. (which says $28k before tax on the website and has normal rims).

    What the hell is he thinking?! I was also interested in the 2018 Toyota Camry hybrid but he said it's not in stock and will be in the mid $500's a month.

    This is the Toyota of Huntington in New York.

    Where can I get a better price quote? I was thinking about trying Toyota of Manhattan to see if they are cheaper. This price quote seems outrageous. The total comes out to $21k with everything and the price of the car on the site with all the options says $28k....