What automobile did you give up to get your Prius v (alpha/+) wagon?

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    2013 Prius v wagon
    I had to give up my 2008 Scion XB back in August of 2017 for my 2013 Prius V two. I absolutely loved my Scion and my heart still aches with not being able to drive her anymore. I always kept up with the maintenance but as soon as I started to reach 130,000 miles, the problems started to become more frequent. It was one problem after another and almost every month for the last few months of owning her, something needed to be fixed. At this point, the car was becoming a money pit as repair costs started to go into the near $2000 mark. I just couldn’t afford to keep dropping money into her.

    I was so torn because I just loved the car so much and even more so I was so close to paying her off. Which to this day I still question on rather or not if I should of bit the bullet and paid for the repairs and not be stuck in a car loan anymore.

    So as I was questioning and weighing in my options as the service center had her on the lift, I browsed the lot of the Toyota Dealership. I called my girlfriend and my ex girlfriend (whose still a good friend and friends with my current girlfriend) to get opinions. My ex had been with me throughout the majority of the time that I had the Scion. She recommended I’d bite the bullet, the car is nearly paid off, when it’s paid off, the old car payment can extra money to be left to the side for any future repair costs but said ultimately it’s my decision and to go with my gut. My current girlfriend whom I had been dating for several months at this point said to go with a new/used car with low miles. That I shouldn’t dump that much more money into the car and my overall repair costs is more than the car is worth.

    So I had two different opinions plus my own. The service center recommended to pay for the repairs but in my head, of course they’d say that to obviously get paid. Suprisingly the dealership was nuetrul on the situion but based on my price range and needs which were I need space, a car that’s easy to get in and out of especially since my elderly father has physical issues getting up and out of most low to the ground cars but never had issues with my Scion. And something that is a good long road trip car since I love road trips and I tend to move a lot cargo around.

    The dealer showed me 3 cars. A 2011 Prius with 101,000 miles, a 2006 Honda CRV with 106,000 miles and a 2013 Prius V two with 78,000 miles. I talked to my girlfriend about it and she told me to go with my gut and she can’t offer an opinion on the Prius because she knows very little about them. I called my insurance company to get quotes. I stood for a half hour as the dealer waited inside for my decision on which I wanted to test drive. From his point of view, he recommended the V based on my needs. So after debating with myself, I asked to test drive the V.

    I didn’t know what to make of it at first. I drove in town and on the highway. I only drove a Prius once back in 2014 for maybe about hour at the most and it was a rental. I barely remember the ride honestly because I was more concerned with not crashing or being hit. Driving rentals make me nervous.

    So back to test drive. I honestly didn’t know what to make of it. I remember not being impressed after driving back to the dealership. It didn’t have the quick power that my Scion had and it felt underpowered to me. But being stuck between a rock and a hard place and not wanting a car that’s over 100,000 miles, I went with the V. I signed the papers, and the dealer gave told my cars value as a trade in as is. So they told me they’ll call me in a couple days once the car is done being detailed and a final inspection is done and gave me loaner til then.

    I was a little excited, but heartbroken at the same time to let my Scion go. I actually cried as I was taking my belongings out of her. It was a bittersweet goodbye.

    So I got the call a couple days later to go pick her up. I got to the dealership, my girlfriend and her daughter with me, it was a beautiful Saturday morning, we were a little excited to take the new car for a drive. We sat down with the dealer and I’m signing off in the paperwork the he hits me with the question “how do you want to handle the repair costs for the Scion?” My heart stopped and I felt immediate anger. What do you mean how do I want to handle the repair costs?! You said you gave me the value of the car as is and used it towards the trade in! He looked puzzled as I could tell he fucked up. I had it in writing of the valued trade in. He said he’ll have to speak with his manager. The manager came over and we argued about it. He tried everything he could to get me to pay for the repairs. For nearly 4 hours of going back and forth, having my girlfriend father (retired Toyota dealer himself) on the phone with the manager. The manager dropped the phone on the table and agreed to “eat the costs” of the repairs. And tried coming off as a nice guy after saying he’s doing me a favor, then proceeded to get me to agree to pay at least $500 for the repairs and he’ll let me have my old car back. I turned red and told him no. To ultimately to go shove it. Give me the keys to the V, I’m done. You turned a nice day with my family into a nightmare and after years of servicing my Scion with your dealership, I’m never coming back.

    So as of today, even after having a tainted experience with getting the car. I have spurts of enjoyment with her. I’ve grown accustomed to her, learned a new way of driving. Had multiple road trips with the family. Moved my entire one bedroom apartment in one trip. Saved a ton on gas. I’m going on a year and a half of owning her with no problems, done the routine maintenance at a different dealership. Driven through nearly 7 inches of snow without getting stuck or losing traction. I love the car...sometimes and why? I have that tainted buying experience that still lingers from time to time when I start driving her.

    The gas savings still amaze me. Between road trips and my hour long commutes to work. With the Scion, I was filling up almost every 3 days. The V, I fill up once every 7 or 8 days and even in cold New England winters of 4 degrees to 30 I’m averaging 48-52 MPG.

    At the moment I’ve been bitten by the EV bug. I’m dying for an electric car but none are in my price range nor have the range for my commutes. The Tesla is way to pricey and their reliability has had a poor track record so far. The Leaf doesn’t seem to have the proper battery cooling system and it seems Nissian isn’t going to change that. The only car that intrigues me is the BMW I3 with the range extender. A 2015 model goes for around $16,000 and the whole idea of having a EV with a backup plan (generator) really gets me excited. But even after doing hours of research I feel I still don’t know enough about it.

    So now I don’t know. Maybe stay with I have and be satisfied with Toyota’s known relieabilty that the Prius is famous for and deal with the eventual rise of gas prices or go with the I3.

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    2014 Prius v wagon
    I bought a used 2001 Volvo v70 station wagon to drive the dog to the different dog walking parks and trails. Traded Volvo for used 2014 Prius v three. Dog does not show a preference but I find it like a science project.