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    00:00 Show Start 06:10 Nikola investigated for Fraud 18:00 Cadillac Forces Dealers to Install Chargers 27:45 This Life in Tesla 40:40 California to End ICE New Car Sales 50:35 Ford Announces EV F-150 56:00 Lordstown Shows Interior 1:00:45 VW Reveals ID.4 1:11:50 – Shout Outs and Go Home

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    Although interesting on the face of it: Cadillac dealers must invest for EV future

    For Cadillac dealers the price tag is estimated to be $200,000 to transition dealerships for coming electric vehicles beginning with the Lyriq crossover, the brand's first all-electric vehicle hitting U.S. dealerships in late 2022 after debuting first in the China market. GM's luxury brand informed its more than 880 dealerships of the required investment on Wednesday.
    Cadillac consulted with the brand's dealer council before instituting the requirement. Dealers will have to start preparing for the electric future by the second quarter of next year. The cost comes from the tooling and training necessary to sell electric vehicles, including the installation of charging stations.

    There are lots of L2 chargers at dealers today but only available during business hours and if they haven't used the parking spaces for their existing inventory. The local BMW/Land Rover/ Jaguar dealer has the only private, CCS-1, fast DC charger ... safely locked up. They told me 'no' when I asked to charge my BMW i3-REx.

    Although I like the announcement, if the chargers are not available 24/7, it is an exercise in futility. You buy a charging network when you buy an EV and so far, the CCS-1 charging network is relatively more costly and unreliable compared to Tesla's SuperCharger.

    Bob Wilson