What is the latest version of the 2016 Nav SD card?

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    My current SecureSD card is labeled "86271-0E071" and the SW version listed in the Settings screen is "Gracenote" and the database is 6819.
    I replaced it in mid-2019 with a Toyota branded SecureSD I got from eBay.

    What is the latest version?

    My local dealer tried to look it up in his system today, and couldn't even find the right model of Prius I have.
    He asked for the VIN and still couldn't find an SD card for it (VIN JTDKARFU6G3524895)

    He suggested that maybe it was a DVD or it needed to be flashed with their computer, and when I told him there is an SD slot in the front of the touchscreen and I replaced it 2 years ago, he didn't have an answer.

    There is some that are listed on eBay as "2021 TOYOTA Navigation Micro SD Card LATEST UPDATE OEM 86271 0E073" and their listing shows it is compatible with the "Toyota Prius: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019" - along with about 14 other Toyota models and various years for each.
    And, the listing shows "This part number update replacing the following part number 86271-35010 / 35011 / 35012 / 35013 / 35014 / 35015 / 0E185 / 0E071 / 0E072"
    But, there is no version listed - just the part number.
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