Whats your MPG or L/100km for Vancouver city driving.

Discussion in 'Local Prius Club Main Forum' started by fotomickey, Jun 30, 2008.

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    I do 60-40km/h or 65-45km/h. 65km/h is the max. Above that, the engine will spin and you can only do "warp stealth" or have the engine spin and yellow arrows (i.e. the battery propelling the car).

    Of course I modify on the fly and won't drop to 40km/h if the traffic disallows it.

    Try to remember the hills and such and P&G according to that. I've driven anywhere from SW Marine Dr. to Boundary to East 41st and its rolling hills. You just have to modify P&G to match the terrain and traffic lights.

    Depends on the hill. If it's steep enough that I'll gain enough speed, then I'll let it recharge (esp. since P&G doesn't allow much battery recharging and it will "drain" eventually). I'll also pick routes so that I know I can let it drop a bar cause I'll gain it back later (e.g. E41st to Rupert to Boundary, recharge there and onto Hastings eastward to SFU or Granville St. from 41st to 70th is mostly downhill).

    It usually happens if you hit a manhole cover or railway tracks and the wheels slip for a split second and yes, always when they're wet so I wouldn't worry too much about it.