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  1. Scrap

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  2. Invest in her lightly and keep around the island with friends for when you visit

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  3. Invest in her heavily and sell

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  4. Invest in her lightly and sell

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  5. Invest in her lightly and Turo for a short while

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  6. Invest in her heavily and Turo for a short while

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  1. Sandita

    Sandita Junior Member

    Mar 20, 2020
    2009 Prius
    Aloha fellow Prius lovers,

    I really pushed the limits of my 2009 Prius without investing much into it as a new, young car owner and I'm at a point where I'm unsure what to do with her. I bought her for $4k thinking I'd sell her 2 years later for $3k when I planned on moving next. Everything worked fine enough (a shop told me the whole suspension/shock system needed to be replaced but it would be $2k and that it wasn't worth it with how old the car was). A few scratches, small lingering smoke smell, and fogged up headlights. I love her more than I thought I would but am unsure of what my moving plans look like now. I live in Hawai`i and am likely travelling a lot this year with home base partially in the mainland.

    Since then (Oct 2018) the following has occured:
    • The water pump failed. I replaced it myself. Had issues with it a few months later. Was fine once I re-bled. (so good now for over a year)
    • Found that the coolant tank under the vehicle associated with the water pump was sealed without a washer and has been leaking a bit. Was unable to get a grip on it to open it up myself and add the washer. Refilled coolant frequently at first but haven't had to refill it for over a year now.
    • The touch screen stopped working entirely so no backup camera, gps, a/c control, radio navigation except by the steering wheel which hasn't been a problem for me. I took it to a Toyota dealership and they said it'd be $2000 at least and that it wasn't worth it.
    • Obtained a few more scratches and dents.
    • Under-car/engine covers scratched up and barely secured. Some pieces missing. (I probably take my Prius places it shouldn't go...) Saw the prices and decided it wasn't worth it.
    • License Plate lights went out. (I think I could fix this though.)
    • Had a friend manhandle my hatchback door when he didn't know how to open it and had the handle detach (except for wiring)- he super glued back on. worked for a month and a half. It's fallen off again.
    • Got new set of tires and tire sensors a month ago for $600
    • replaced passenger side mirror
    • Oil change 2 months ago.
    • Replaced 12V battery a year ago to an optima yellow deep top
    • Plan to replace windshield wipers- didn't pass safety check
    • Passenger side high beam is not functional
    • She is pretty messy on the interior. At some point it started feeling pointless to try to vacuum all the sand so I only did it every few months. Store surfboards in my Prius. Left them in there for a week and I now have deep cuts from my board tip on my document storage (glove compartment and the storage space above it).
    • Cat was stolen last year. I replaced with an off brand cat that sticks out 2 inches below the rest of the car for $1600. (Small shop found it and installed it.) Not covered by insurance. (insurance would have totaled anyway).
    • Plastic vent cover by the fog lights is oddly bent and doesn't fit well.
    • She still gets about 45mpg
    • She's getting close to 190,000 miles (but I know they can be up to 300,000 mile cars)
    • I lost my good car key fob and only have my rusted one that doesn't power on now(I have replaced the battery in it. no luck) so I keep her unlocked (no physical key-lost). Ordered a new set from amazon before it completely died. Going to do the chicken dance then get the keys cut... but unsure if chicken dance will work if the car key doesn't turn on, even though it turns on the car.
    • Last time I drove her a week ago (first time driving with car key that doesn't power on), all the lights went up- no warning. I assume it has to do with the fact the car key is shorting? But may need to get it checked out by a garage.
    • I only know I will be living in Hawaii in August (gone all of July) and after that I don't know how much time I'll be spending back and forth in Hawai`i.

    I hoped to sell her. A friend recommended I Turo her out but the Turo market is pretty saturated right now (with more functional vehicles). Either way, she needs repairs and I'm not sure I'd make the money back. My partner refuses to take her to the mainland and thinks I should just total her or get her sold for parts. The idea of her no longer being in service breaks my heart but if I did all repairs I wanted with her, I think I'd be looking at $8000...Just the most critical ones/maintenance might be $2000 but I know she could use more than that. I don't even think I understand the full scope of what she needs. How much should I invest in her knowing she'd be worth $2k maybe? Or should I scrap her at the end of August? (I don't want to buy a new car here.)

    Any tips, similar stories, or suggestions on any problems/fixes I described above also appreciated.
  2. PriusCamper

    PriusCamper Senior Member

    Mar 3, 2012
    Pacific Northwest, USA
    2007 Prius
    12v Battery is low on charge after sitting for a week. Charge the battery up with a quality charger and that should do it...