Yahoo EV Discussion with author Ron Adner

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    Please ignor the attention grabbing headline below!

    Pretty good discussion of what one person thinks is needed to make EV successful:
    (1) decouple car and battery purchase to boost value of used vehicles ; and
    (2) smart grid.

    I like the part in the beginning when they talk about how sensitive this issue is, as we know.

    Why the Electric Car Is Doomed to Fail | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance
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    "If half of NYC drove EVs the grid would collapse." Bull! First off, most New Yorkers don't drive. But more importantly, EV adoption will be gradual, and as demand for electricity increases, the grid capacity will be increased to match.

    "If everybody did X today..." is not a valid argument unless there's a realistic possibility that it will happen. Otherwise systems evolve in tandem to compensate for each other.

    Batteries are the hurdle now. That's true. That's why EVs won't work for everybody today. But there are many applications where they are ideal today. The rest has to come gradually.

    The article, IMO, is worthless.