Your daily routine for plugging in at home?

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    Apr 16, 2017
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    Interesting, thanks everyone for your replies. Before I get into a routine come January, I generally have tried to remember to plug it in "later on" (even for standby) rather than just plugging it in when I get home and having it sit plugged in on standby for 15 hours or something like this.

    But the other day I decided to just plug it in and be done with it -- and perhaps the gods were telling me something, for as it was plugged in (on standby) and I was out with friends, we had a 2-hour+ power failure (the entire area). I wasn't home to unplug it when the power went off (concerned about possible spikes when the power comes back on) but everything appears to be okay. For SoCal city areas, this area surprisingly seems to get power outages at least a few times a year.
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