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You've head of an ls swap. Now I prose a rotor rotate?

Discussion in 'Gen 2 Prius Technical Discussion' started by offib, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. offib

    offib Member

    Jul 5, 2016
    2007 Prius
    Four Touring
    Yeah.. kind sh!t ain't it.

    Anyways. We've all probably seen this dude by now, WeberAuto. He shows the most in-depth detail about our cars. So I'm watching it until 12:53

    He shows how MG2 in the Gen2 is twice as powerful as the MG2 in the Gen1 and illiterates how they are the same size.

    Would it be possible, or even to dream of putting a Gen 2 rotor in for a Gen 1? Similar to using Gen 3 cells in a Gen 2 's. Especially for all those tinkerers who got '04s for a grand.

    Would it ever be possible to find better performing, same sized rotors to put in Gen 2's? That is if there's any significant efficiency gain to squeeze out of it.