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    Apr 13, 2004
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    heck,,,,wish my Zenn had a switchable backup beeper... that thing is LOUD!!

    Allen, glad to hear about your Zenn... i think you made a good choice. its limited by range and speed, but i am lucky enough that it can be used daily. my 14 mile RT commute is well within its range even without being able to plug in at work (working on that one...)

    i take it you got the AC version... faster, more efficient than mine. i had a D&D 35 mph motor upgrade that was fast but like yours, accelerated well up to 35 mph then stopped like it hit a wall. couldnt coast more than about 36 mph downhill.

    well, it overheated, so i had it taken out and the standard Zenn motor was put back in with regen disabled and software reprogrammed to go 35 mph (actually it stops accelerating at 38 mph) it accelerates slower (about 18-20 secs to 35 mph...dont know what D&D motor did) but i can coast up to 45 mph down the Deschuttes River Valley hill on the way to work. wooo hooo!!

    as far as the ultra caps goes... hoping they come out fall 2009 as planned... i did get some of their stock... and as a current Zenn owner, i would have first dibs on the CityZenn.