ZVW50 engines

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    Feb 23, 2020
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    Hey all , So I'm looking to replace my engine on 2011 Prius Gen 3. The Gen 3 engine is coded as ZVW30 and the 2016 Gen 4 with a NiH battey is coded as ZVW50. I suspect this is the same engine as all Gen 3 engines . can someone confirm this for me ?
    Thank you.

    PS... this is really ridiculous that Toyota has not issued a recall . when i think about the gen 3 as compared to gen 2 i really think Toyota went for a money grab, the gen 2 seems to have a smoother, quieter ride, better quality materials for the seat and door panels. The seats are soooo uncomfortable. also air seems to enter the car...but it doesnt matter we are all here because we have this car and have to make the best of it . any way i hope some out there can answer my original question..

    Thanks !!