NHW11 - 2001-2003 "gen 1" / "Classic"

NHW11 - 2001-2003 "gen 1" / "Classic"
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Info about the gen one 'classic' Prius.

The gen one Prius was, and still is, the iconic Prius that we see today.

Manufactured from around 2001-2003 the gen one Prius is something quite special. Not only was it the first Prius to hit markets outside of Japan, but it was also the first Prius to feature keyless ignition (Gen 2) and a push button ignition (again Gen 2). In addition to this, the European variants offered an 'EV' button allowing the car to completely shut the ICE down under speeds of 30-35mph. This however, was limited by the fact that the main battery would only last a couple of miles before the ICE needed to kick in.

The gen one Prius can still be seen rolling and cruising around today. It's arguably a gem and something that can really be appreciated.
Mar 12, 2019