Prius 2012 Solar roof rubber deterioration

Prius 2012 Solar roof rubber deterioration
I am reaching out to all of you that have a solar roof, my prius 2012 has been having issues with the rubber on both deflector and sun roof where it is deteriorating completely. I am afraid it will not be waterproof in a near future! My warrantee is over obviously but I believe this is a total non sense and a major defect Toyota Canada should recognized. I have reached out to my local dealer Boulevard Toyota and to Toyota Canada social media department about this concern and they offered me to cover 65% of the total cost ( only for a limited time) ?!? Because the rubber cannot be replace by itself, the whole roof needs to be for ~2000$!
I have found numerous people sharing the same story so please share on their Toyota Canada Facebook page to have them react!

So disappointed, I have had many cars with roof and never this has happened!
thanks all!
Apr 1, 2017
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