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cookie crumbler, from boston

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Aug 7, 2022 at 8:47 PM
    1. ColoradoCrow
      I’m in your neck of the woods working. Did you order a BZ4x? I’m on the fence about it.
      1. bisco
        no, did i say i was going to?
        Jun 17, 2022
      2. ColoradoCrow
        no. I thought I recalled somewhere that you might have ordered one. My memory must be fuzzy. No worries. I'm stilll researching federal and state tax credits for the 2022 and 2023 years. Some states offer more perks then others.
        Jun 18, 2022
      3. bisco
        are they available yet?
        Jun 18, 2022
    2. RT6
      Hi bisco! Do you have any suggestions for an inexpensive cat converter brand for my gen 2? Ours was stolen, as you saw on my thread about it all. I've tried the search engine here, but some product links no longer work, and some cat's had bad reviews on Amazon or Ebay (they don't work after a few months, etc.). We're in VA, so no restrictions like CA has. Thanks for any help! Roger
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      2. RT6
        Our 2004 Prius is exempt from emissions requirements. The safety inspection does not have a bar to meet for converters either. Our 2008 Prius just went through safety and passed w/ an aftermarket converter (idk what brand it is).
        May 2, 2022
      3. RT6
        Update - I'm getting the Yita Motor cat, recommended by TMR-JWAP, who apparently has put a number of them in. I'm sure I sound silly, but I am very excited to have found one that I can be confident will do the job! Thank you for your help and for listening; it's been a big PITA for me, with having to get up to speed on the whole issue.
        Cheers, Roger
        May 2, 2022
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      4. bisco
        tmr knows his stuff. all the best!
        May 2, 2022
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    3. kolez2000
      @bisco I scanned a Prius a d it came up with c1203 code. What do you think could be the issue. The abs light is on. The break is very had to depress and the brake is not working well. Hope to hear from you soon
    4. BoydG
      Hi Bisco, You had given some answers previously regarding the engine failure on a 2012 Prius V in the Seattle area. The car had the cold soak rattle a handful of times from 1/17 to 9/19 when the engine finally threw a rod. The head gasket leak wasn't diagnosed until late in 2018. I watched the videos from Gasket Masters on the cold soak rattle. Do you have an idea why the symptoms might be so infrequent.
      1. bisco
        the cold soak rattle is kind of generic. it can happen on startup in cars with a good head gasket. but it can also be a symptom of a headgasket beginning to deteriorate. you have to do immediate diagnosis to prevent possible damage
        Sep 28, 2021
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    5. Michael Buske
      Michael Buske
      Thanks for the help
    6. barbaram
    7. barbaram
      Can’t seem to post it from the phone. Be back later....
    8. KevininFl
      Hi bisco i just bought a 06 with 90k miles, do you know if the hybrid battery is still under warrnenty..Im new..sorry Thank You..For your help.Kevin.
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    9. PriusCamper
      What's that new profile picture you got there? So kind of high voltage something of some sort?
      1. bisco
        that is my open EVSE project kit. back in the day, there was a guy selling parts and instructions for $400. which was considered cheap at the time.
        Aug 28, 2018
      2. pashko90
        May i get a link on it? I have no luck to find it.
        Dec 30, 2018
    10. TonyDeru
      Can a Prius Gen 1, HV Bat. be recharged by rolling downhil in Drive? Or being towed in D?
    11. ukr2
      bisco, Congrats. You are the #1 of the Notable Members with 51,356 posts. WOW.
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      2. bisco
        thanks! but i don't know how honorable a distinction it is.
        Feb 20, 2017
    12. pasoto1
      Just got new 2016 prius 3 Touring ...San Jose Ca ... Love it Sea Glass Pearl
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    13. zor
      Hi Bisco, do you know how i can get the title of the thread for the prius as a camper in blue like most of the other thread titles?
    14. rondodog
      Hi! Someone mentioned that you were the downhill expert. Is there any place to figure out what the maximum coasting speed for a Prius (2006) would be at different hill grades? Specifically, at a 4% grade (moderately steep) and 6% grade (pretty steep).

      Thanks for anything you can give me-- even if to say that there isn't any such beast (place to find this info).
    15. bisco
      it looks like the rio will arrive in nj around the end of march. then i figger another 2 weeks to get to the bernardi in framingham. i was doing okay until i started seeing everyone getting theirs. all the best!
    16. mikenewmediary
      Hey. I'm from mass. When are u getting your car? This is driving m crazy. 8 months!!!!
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