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    1. nicolengr
      My 2010 Prius III (purchase Feb 2010) is making this rather odd "chirping" noise. The youtube link shows what my car does. [ame=]YouTube - ‪2010 Prius Chirping Noise‬‏[/ame]
      Can you tell me what this is and/or how to fix it?
      Any help appreciated!
    2. theleodragon
      I bought a brand new Prius in May and after around 1000 miles my brakes keep squeeling when I press them. It's not only annoying but also literally cause me to take Tylenol after an hour long trip. Took back to Toyota dealership and they are telling me it's normal for Prius as it has some regerative technology. How can it be normal when the driver gets headache upon driving it?
    3. TomKahn
      You may want to take a look at the "How can Toyota get it's Reputation back" thread under the "Gen II Prius Main Forum". Page 2 has some interesting comments.
    4. R2Pre2
      Please send a BIG THANKS to everyone at Toyota / Service Connect who had a part in including SOS in my Prius. Brought home new Prius on Friday 11/6 and in the wee hours it was stolen from my driveway! SOS activated the GPS tracking beacon, told the police the location, and I was able to drive R2Pre2 home, luckily with no damage. Total elapsed time from calling SOS = 2 hrs!

      New Prius bought, stolen, then found using Safety Connect all in first 24 hours | PriusChat

      I look forward to enjoying my Prius for years to come.
    5. hansgrason1
      Just thought I'd pass this on .. it's from another forum member:

      As a follow-up to my post about squeaking wheels, we finally brought our Prius to the shop...twice. The noise was getting worse, and louder. Definitely coming from the rear wheels. The service folks were really great about working with us, by the way - very patient and understanding (who wants to deal with a "squeak"?)

      They couldn't find anything wrong when we brought the car in the first time, but the second time - yes, they could hear it too! Still couldn't find anything visually, though. So they filmed/recorded it with a video camera and sent that off to Toyota.

      Toyota's recommendation? Resurface the brake pads and rotors...slightly. That did the trick! No more squeaks, and we're hoping it stays that way.

      Eric (egs47)
    6. HI MPG
      HI MPG
      I'm adding my concern to problem with the squeaking wheel/brake. I drove the car for the first 3 weeks with no issue, then all of sudden, the squeaks begin. As with the other owners, the problem seem to occur only at low speeds and after the car has been idle for a few hours. Please look into addressing this issue or provide a fix. It is very discouraging to have to deal with this "blemish" on an otherwise excellent car.
    7. Dark_matter_doesn't
      I'll add my voice (squeal) to the chorus - after five weeks of ownership, I'm experiencing front brake squeal at very low speed @ one RPM. This typically occurs in the morning after the car has not been used overnight. The problem can be temporarily mitigated by shifting to neutral and going down a steep hill with moderate braking. This works for about 1 - 3 days, then the problem reappears.

      A fix/recall would be greatly appreciated.
    8. hansgrason1
      Hello Prius Team,
      Several forum members have been experiencing problems with squeaking wheels/brakes on their 2010 Prius. The Squeaking always happens at very low speeds, and typically goes away after a few minutes. Complaints are coming from all over the country including MD, CA, OR, NJ, WA, IL, OH, and MI. If you can please take a look at the comments in the following PriusChat Forum thread, we would all appreciate it very, very much. Perhaps Toyota of America will eventually come out with a recall/fix to resolve this problem that is plaguing so many of us.

      Thanks in advance.
    9. Lucky2beme
      :oYellow, please let me have yellow!
    10. William B. Kayen
      William B. Kayen
      Hi Erica,

      I have still not heard from anyone about ordering a 2010 Prius. I guess Toyota is too busy to help me and doesn't need my business.

      Dr. William B. Kayen
    11. samiam
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