Sep 22, 2004
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Fort Lee, NJ


HSD PhD, Male, from Fort Lee, NJ

I just emailed you the unzipped files. Jul 1, 2013

    1. usbseawolf2000
    2. Prius/lexus
      Nice set up! love your rims!
    3. happy2472
      Hey im kinda confused i saw your post about the headlights and after 50 different windows open my pc crashed ... have u used the website and if so when u purchase a bulb is it one in a package or two?
    4. usbseawolf2000
      Brand: Sherwood
      Color: Birds Eye
      URL: Sherwood Molded and Flat Dash Kits
      Note: It is wood simulation, not made from real wood.

      The adhesives are still strong. The corners stays on strong as the day I installed them. The surface does not get hard (after 3 years) as it feels like some silicone in it.
    5. NavyScotty
      Nice Prius. What color/tpye wood is that for your trim kit? Rosewood? THANKS!
    6. usbseawolf2000
      Thanks. I am glad you like it because it took a while to grab screens from the video and make it an animated GIF. The resolution has to be exact and under 35 KB in size, I think.
    7. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Love the new profile image...
    8. ScottY
      Hey Dennis. sorry, i didn't see your request. I normally don't sign in PC. When I do, I don't really pay attention to the notifications. I think you'll be better off emailing me.

      Everything is well. Was up at Killington last weekend. Man, the GoodYear Comfortreads suck big time! I was stuck in just 3 inch of snow! Getting the Nokian WRG2 in two weeks. How are things with you?
    9. tochatihu
      Very nice wedding photos!
    10. usbseawolf2000
      Yup, I blocked mine about two weeks ago. I was too lazy to do it at first. When I finally blocked it, I am glad I did. The temp increases as fast as in the Spring.

      I can't wait to test out my Nokian I3 tires. It should do better in the snow than the Integrity. I did ok with the Integrity for two years so I am looking forward with the I3s.
    11. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Block your grill yet? Snow tires on? I'm thinking of blocking my grill this winter. Last winter i didn't...
    12. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Hey Hey Heeey!!! Still don't have pix of the car but the wedding day and honeymoon were awesome!!! Also, getting my windows tinted tomorrow morning...
    13. usbseawolf2000
      Wow, congrads!!! Wendy and I used our Prius to get home from the reception as well. It was "dressed up" with decorations. I regret not taking pictures of it because it was such a busy day.
    14. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      Well I've noticed an increase in the amount of Prii here in Westchester, and a few people have approached me and asked how I like the car. They've walked away impressed at what I had to say about it. A friend of mine just got his a few weeks ago after waiting for a number of months. Kelly and I are getting married next weekend, and our Prius is going to be the "Reception Getaway Car". Stay tuned for pix!
    15. usbseawolf2000
      I just searched on ebay for "Prius decal" and found it. You can get it for $6 shipped.
    16. usbseawolf2000
      I got it from ebay. The last time I checked, I didn't see it on ebay anymore. I can dig for the seller name if you are interested.

      Thanks for the compliments. Let me know which rims and tire you plan to get. I have a light weight tire (for 17") in mind that I would like to get once this one is worn down.
    17. esears1
      Hi.. i was wondering where ya got the little gas tank decal? Your car looks cool! I have a 2007 silver prius.. looking to get some rims soon...
    18. usbseawolf2000
      I have them off at this moment and enjoying I3s. When I crave for conering and bling bling, I will put them on. :-D
    19. KAR IDEA
      KAR IDEA
      You still rollin' on those Kyowii?
    20. usbseawolf2000
      Yea! I still have your PM. :)
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    Fort Lee, NJ
    2012 Prius Plug-in
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    Green minds thrive in the Prius family. Hybrid Synergy Drive is the engine of change that moved us forward.

    Luxury: Sherwood Dash Kit | Bartlett Leather Seats | Kenwood DNX6960
    Performance: Kyowa KR206 17" Black Chrome Lips | Tanabe Strut Tower Bar
    Audio: Infinity 6020CS Front | Kappa 62.7i Rear | BASS600 Subwoofer | B-Quiet Ultimate
    Lighting: Morimoto Mini H1 Projectors | LED Interior+License Plate
    Others: EV Button | Torque (Android OBDII App)
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