Bluetooth, WiFi and USB OBD2 adapters - user reviewed

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    Searched and couldn't find a comprehensive list of usable products, if one exists please let me know.

    Was hoping people would comment on any success or lack there of with their OBD adapters or dongles (be it a $4 bluetooth version or the $200 fancy version), please include:
    • Where purchased (so others can purchase or avoid)
    • Price paid (if known)
    • Which generation Prius used with
    • Which software packages you have tried (ie. Torque, HybridAssistant, PriiDash, TechStream, etc)
    Many say the Bluetooth versions are less problematic overall, but some can be limited by capture/transfer speeds.

    While researching I came across statements by developers and end users suggesting that some of the available OBD hardware could potentially damage a vehicle or just not work outright.

    Some examples include:

    Attention! "Bad" Bluetooth adapters! - Bluetooth / WiFi OBD-II adapters - OBD Car Doctor Forum: ELM327 WiFi adapter, ELM327

    Bluetooth Adapters - Torque OBD2 Wiki

    eBay Bluetooth OBD issues | PriusChat

    Gen2 Prius: Custom PIDs for Torque (Android App) with formulas | Page 30 | PriusChat
    Please add any links or resources that can help others find a usable device at the right price.

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