Opinions Sought - 2 Options on Used Gen 2

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    Dec 8, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading through the posts on Prius Chat with keen interest over the last few weeks, as I look to buy my first Prius, and have found the conversations here very thought-provoking and useful, many thanks.

    I think I'm settled on buying a Gen 2, and have narrowed my search down to two cars currently for sale here in the U.K.:

    1) 2009 Prius T-Spirit with 69,000 miles on the clock - price: £5,995 (GBP)

    2) 2008 Prius T-Spirit with 96,000 miles on the clock - price: £4,892 (GBP)

    I think at the minute I'm leaning towards car number 1, as it's slightly newer, yet still has a fair few miles on the odometer and so hopefully will have been used regularly (though no way to tell, I guess), which I understand is a consideration. Car number 2 is significantly cheaper, though of course one year older and (for our usage), with probably 3 more years on the clock already. Both look to be in excellent cosmetic condition from the dealers' photos online.

    Any thoughts that I should factor in would be gratefully received - thanks in advance for your comments!

    Best wishes,

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    I bought used from a dealer cause I was overly cautious and it was logistically more manageable. But if I knew back then how reliable Gen2 really are and I could do it all over again I'd buy for way less from a private seller. Not only do you save money but you can find out lots of details about how the vehicle was used. For example you wouldn't want to buy from someone who's teenage kid got their license suspended for too may reckless driving tickets. :) Likewise you wouldn't want to buy from someone who died of old age and hasn't driven in years, 'because Prius are best if they've been drive regularly with no long gaps between use.

    If I could only choose between the two listed above, I'd place me bet on the 96K miles one being the one that was drive regularly and I'd take the £1,103 (GBP) you save and spend it on preventative hybrid battery maintenance via whatever grid charger they sell in the UK that is similar to Prolong Battery Systems. Extending the life of your hybrid. — Hybrid Automotive

    Also here's a thread I started in 2013 that will get you thinking optimisticly about how you're going to spend your money: Did you buy a Prius with 100K+ miles? Share your story here! | PriusChat
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