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Project Lithium: 10 day supply left, $200 cash for old NiMH packs

Discussion in 'Gen 3 Prius Main Forum' started by PriusCamper, Jun 3, 2022.

  1. PriusCamper

    PriusCamper Senior Member

    Mar 3, 2012
    Pacific Northwest, USA
    2007 Prius
    When last I posted Project Lithium factory in China had to shut down due to supply chain issues and Covid outbreaks. The good news is as of this week the factory has re-opened, which is much earlier than expected so next shipment of packs will arrive in Q4 2022, instead of sometime in 2023. Though prices will be higher.

    The bad news is there's only a pallet and a half of packs left and Jack suspects that will last 10 days, maybe a little longer. So if you want to do the most significant Prius upgrade you can do at the lowest price it can be and don't want to wait till this fall, please use my affiliate link and if you do I can offer you unlimited online tech support, as well as a discount on installation if you live near me: https://projectlithium.com/?ref=9qLPw

    Lastly, a couple weeks back I helped work out an old core buy back deal between Project Lithium and my buddy Joe in Bend, Oregon who teaches hybrid and EV technology at his local college. He has a NiMh rebuilding business and has spent tens of thousands of dollars on high-end lab grade equipment to ensure his 3 year warranties on rebuilds are viable.

    So you can get paid up to $200 minus the cost of shipping if you box up your old modules in the boxes your lithium pack came in and contact Joe for a shipping label: https://2ndlifebattery.com/contact-us/ Joe has been a great help to many of us on PriusChat whenever we need a spare module or two. Always high quality modules from him, never bad ones!

    --My review of the final proto-type from 20 months ago: Dr. Prius Packs Less Than A Year Away? | PriusChat

    --My affiliate link: https://projectlithium.com/?ref=9qLPw
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  2. Wrecit

    Wrecit Active Member

    Jul 12, 2020
    2001 Prius
    Since I have 2 gen 2's I rarely venture over to this side of the boards but saw this and wanted to say if you are thinking about project lithium stop thinking and do it.

    Here's my full review so far on my gen 2 upgrade and it will do the same for your gen 3

    Project Lithium customer review | PriusChat
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