Turn Off Reverse Beep - Mac Instructions II

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    I'm posting a new thread as the original drifted off into a discussion about EnTune.

    I have a 2012 Plugin Prius.

    First check out the OP at Turn off Reverse Beep - Mac Instructions | PriusChat

    Following is my experience from that OP.

    I purchased an ELM 327 from Amazon for about $ 12.00. The device comes from China. The original shipping estimate was about a month. However I received it in a couple of weeks.

    The device came with a mini diskette which I couldn't insert into my MacBook. Don't know what's on the diskette.

    Downloaded and installed Driver Packs 1, 2 & 3 from: How to Install ELM327 USB/Bluetooth on Mac and OBD Software - Support Center. Not sure if Driver Pack 3 was necessary.

    Created and compiled the Apple Script from OP. Plugged in the ELM 327 under the dash and into a USB port on my MacBook. Ran the Apple Script which created a terminal. Turned the Prius on.

    Entered 'AT H1.' Instead of a clean 'OK' I got back a 'K' which over wrote the 'A' in the 'AT H1' command and showed up as 'KT H1.' Not obvious that the terminal was returning an 'OK.' Entered the remainder of the commands and received the indicated responses.

    Success!!! This was kind of a sweaty palms process as I wasn't sure what would happen if I accidentally entered a wrong code.

    Unplugged the ELM 327, power cycled the Prius Off/On, shifted into 'R', got a single beep.

    After sucessfully modifying the reverse beep issue, I am convinced that one could also modify the seat belt nag. Hopefully someone smarter and above my pay grade will post the applicable codes.

    Many thanks to Frank Perkins who was the OPer.
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    I'm glad it worked for you! It took some time for me to combine several posts and blogs to get a working version so I'm glad someone else got some value out of it.

    I should have put a warning not to try to insert the little disk! LOL. I did it too and had to use a small screwdriver to push it back out.

    Personally I like the seatbelt nag so I didnt look for any instructions on how to get rid of it :)
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    Aug 2, 2006
    Yesterday I put up a post describing my experience with disabling the backup beep using the methodology posted by Frank Perkins in 'Turn off Reverse Beep - Mac Instructions.' While it is Mac-centeric it should work on a Windows PC with the proper drivers.

    That got me thinking that with the proper codes I could also disable the seatbelt nag. I did a Google search and came up with a posting by SuperDog on the ScionLife forum. As the code entry procedure was very similar I decided to try it.

    Following is the code script with some informative annotations:

    * Turn on all headers so I can see it

    * Turn on linefeed so I can read it

    >at sp 6
    * Set the protocol to ISO 15765-4 CAN 11/500

    >at dp
    ISO 15765-4 (CAN 11/500)
    * Display the protocol (make sure it took it)

    >at caf1
    * Set auto formatting on so I can read it

    >at sh 7c0
    * Set header to 7c0, that's where I'm going to send the command to

    7C8 03 61 A7 C0
    * me - What's your seat belt setting?
    * xB - My seat belt setting is set to annoy you, C0.

    7C8 03 7F 3B 78
    7C8 02 7B A7
    * me - don't annoy me anymore
    * xB - processing

    7C8 03 61 A7 00
    * me - did you get that?
    * xB - yeah I turned it off, don't you see the 00?

    Worked like a charm.

    Disclaimer: Both of these procedures worked on my 2012 Prius Plugin. They may or may not work on other Prius models. If you decide to try it, you are responsible for whatever happens. If you are uncomfortable working at the 'terminal' level you might think twice before venturing forward.

    Prius Chat Forum:
    Turn off Reverse Beep - Mac Instructions
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    ScionLife Forum:
    Seat belt chime disable alternative method

    Good luck.
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